Since I first posted the blog post about Incansoft’s fraudulent activities, there have been some interesting developments.  Shockingly, after the post, Mike Kotzakolios, owner of Incansoft actually scaled up his rudeness and his illegal activities including stealing hundreds of dollars from me.  To read more about my initial post as well as the 5 recent updates on Incansoft and Mike Kotzakolios click that link.

As promised, here’s the press release that’s going out to the PR outlets today…


Chris Elliott

Internet Scam Artist Michalis “BIG Mike” Kotzakolios Of Incansoft Hiding Out In Greece

Corpus Christi, Texas, December 19th, 2010Michalis “BIG Mike” Kotzakolios, owner of Incansoft software has a proven track record of selling broken software products, refusing to fix software issues, threatening customers, and flat out stealing people’s money. Chris Elliott shares his story detailing the nightmare in his recent dealings with Incansoft and Mike Kotzakolios. He is sharing his story with the public to help other potential victims avoid being ripped off.

Michalis “BIG Mike” Kotzakolios operates a software website called Incansoft out of his house in Greece, which is infamous for its selling of defective and broken software applications. When the problems are presented to him to be fixed, Kotzakolios lies about fixing the issues and then resorts first to being rude and making low level threats. Second, customers who continue to ask for fixes so that they can use their purchases, then have their software completely deactivated and their money stolen.

Chris Elliott, one of Incansofts growing group of victims, has detailed his unfortunate story with Michalis “BIG Mike” Kotzakolios and his unprofessional support staff on his blog, by posting the company’s actual e-mails on his website. Dozens of comments from additional victims have already been posted, and a movement seems to be starting in order to stop the threats, fraud, and theft perpetrated by Incansoft…

Kotzakolios, who has happily calls himself the “Drunken Greek,” is hidden away from the US, UK, and Australia, where most of the people who give him money reside. His location prevents anyone from finding him or perusing litigation against him. The most popular (and bug infested) programs that Kotzakolios and Incansoft are pushing include SocialBot, RSSBot, ArticleBot, DirectoryBot, PressBot, PadBot, BlogBot, VideoBot, Llama Spin, RSS Gadgets, IncanBot and GFX Writer.

For additional information, interview requests, and media inquiries, contact Chris Elliott by phone at 361-356-6617 or by e-mail at

Chris Elliott’s web address is is the personal web home of Chris Elliott who is a copywriter to companies like AAA Auto Club, PGA Golf, and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies. He is also a father to two beautiful daughters, a husband to a beautiful wife and a minister running a local ministry that helps feed hungry families. On his blog, you’ll find everything from his reviews of his favorite music, to his poetry, to his reporting, making underhanded companies pay in the media.

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(End Release)

As you can probably imagine, the rating for Incansoft stands at a strong zero out of five stars…

Incansoft Scam

Thanks for staying tuned.

As more developments present themselves, I will continue to update this blog and spread the word.

Until next time,

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4 Comments on Incansoft In Review – Exposing The Fraud (Press Release)

  1. Was looking for video submit software. Videobot seemed really inexpensive compared to some other products. Sounds like you get what you pay for.

  2. Thanks for exposing icansoft. I was seriously considering buying several products of theirs and you saved me my money. Way to expose those that thug. I will look elsewhere.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad my blog post, and the comments of my readers could be of help to you.

      Here’s to the start of an excellent holiday season!

      Chris Elliott

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