My name is Chris Elliott.  I was born April 20th, 1981.  I am a husband & father, lover & fighter, guitar strummer & writer.  Born and raised Alaskan bushman, hunter, fisher, rafter & hiker with pictures to prove it.

The best looking man alive.

The best looking man alive.

I like Jimi Hendrix, John Wayne, 2pac, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Guitars & Chinese Food.  Especially Mongolian Beef from P.F. Changs.

I’m a freelance copywriter, I’ve worked from home for a long time, and I have never had to put my 4 year old daughter in daycare. Talk about a blessing!

I’m also an ordained minister.  However, I’m far from your “model” Christian/Catholic.  I say Christian/Catholic because I consider myself within those realms but don’t claim either as far as an affiliation. I’m not perfect, don’t claim to be, and know that no one else is either.

However, I help people at every possible time that I can.  This year I fed 10,000 people through my partnership with the Corpus Christi Food Bank, I’ve helped other people within the community with groceries and school supplies, and I generally look for ways to help people such as pulling over and giving a jump start, cell phone, or ride to people stranded.  I believe these are things that every human should take part in if able.

I also started going back to college a year or so ago to be of more value to my two daughters in their studies.  I’m already making more money than the degree will provide but the knowledge gives me more power to help my girls and makes me a better rounded person.

I spread myself out.  I love music (both listening & creating). I love photography. I love trying new foods. I love the Internet and using it as a medium to grow my copywriting business.  I love growing personally & spiritually.  I love my family and would do anything for them, and I do mean anything.  I love fishing, scenic drives & wildlife.  I love learning & accumulating books (I currently have three 7 foot high bookshelves full).  I don’t believe in stretching yourself too thin.  If you have an interest, go after it.

This page will be a continual work in progress as I add my loves, likes & interests as there are just so darn many.

Thanks for hitting my site ya’ll,
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