Well, I’ve been waiting this information for a long time.  The tracklist for the West Coast Seattle Boy – The Jimi Hendrix Anthology release!

West Coast Seattle Boy The Jimi Hendrix Anthology


UPDATE:  I’ve updated the cover art as well as added some commentary throughout about this release.

Also, I’ve seen several sites on the Internet that have track-listings up for this album which are not accurate. Amazon.com even has errors in their listing.  The track-lists you see below have been confirmed by Experience Hendrix and are accurate.

You’re seeing it here first everyone!

West Coast Seattle Boy – The Jimi Hendrix Anthology (4 CD’s & 1 DVD)

The first disc in the set covers Jimi’s humble beginnings as a R&B sideman playing for greats such as The Isley Brothers, Little Richard, and The Icemen.  While I don’t thing Jimi does any singing beyond occasional background vocals on any of these songs, this does showcase his starting point as a guitarist.

Disc: 1
1. The Isley Brothers: Testify
2. Don Covay: Mercy, Mercy
3. Don Covay: Can t Stay Away
4. Rosa Lee Brooks: My Diary
5. Rosa Lee Brooks: Utee
6. Little Richard: I Don t Know What You Got But It s Got Me
7. Little Richard: Dancing All Around The World
8. Frank Howard & The Commanders: I m So Glad
9. The Isley Brothers: Move Over And Let Me Dance
10. The Isley Brothers: Have You Ever Been Disappointed
11. Ray Sharpe: Help Me (Get The Feeling) Part One
12. The Icemen: (My Girl) She s A Fox
13. Jimmy Norman: That Little Old Groove Maker
14. Billy Lamont: Sweet Thang
15. King Curtis: Instant Groove

The second disc enters Jimi’s break into the mainstream while getting his start with The Jimi Hendrix Experience.  This is a collection of alternate recordings of songs that most of us are familiar with with a few new nuggets sprinkled throughout.

Disc: 2
1. Fire (previously unreleased alternate recording)
2. Are You Experienced? (previously unreleased recording)
3. May This Be Love (previously unreleased alternate recording)
4. Can You See Me (previously unreleased alternate recording)
5. Love Or Confusion (previously unreleased alternate recording)
6. Little One (previously unreleased recording)
7. Mr. Bad Luck (previously unreleased alternate recording)
8. Cat Talking To Me (previously unreleased alternate recording)
09. Castles Made Of Sand (previously unreleased recording)
10. Tears Of Rage (previously unreleased recording)
11. Hear My Train A Comin (previously unreleased recording)
12. 1983 (A Merman I Shall Turn To Be) (previously unreleased recording)
13. Long Hot Summer Night (previously unreleased recording)
14. My Friend (previously unreleased recording)
15. Angel (previously unreleased recording)
16. Calling All The Devil s Children (previously unreleased alternate recording)
17. New Rising Sun ( previously unreleased alternate recording)

The third disc showcases a collection of live material as well as studio recordings that Jimi worked on in 1968-69.  There appear to be some promising tracks sprinkled on this disc.

Disc: 3
1. Hear My Freedom (previously unreleased recording)
2. Room Full Of Mirrors (previously unreleased recording)
3. Shame, Shame, Shame (previously unreleased recording)
4. Messenger (previously unreleased recording)
5. Hound Dog Blues(previously unreleased recording)
6. Untitled Basic Track (previously unreleased recording)
7. Star Spangled Banner [LIVE] (previously unreleased original mix)
8. Purple Haze [LIVE] (previously unreleased original mix)
9. Young/Hendrix (previously unreleased alternate recording)
10. Mastermind (previously unreleased recording)
11. Message To Love (previously unreleased alternate recording)
12. Fire [LIVE] (previously unreleased recording)
13. Foxey Lady [LIVE] (previously unreleased recording)

Disc four covers the last year of Jimi’s life and the directions he was heading in during that time.  On this disc are several tracks of interest such as Bolero and Suddenly November Morning which have not been released.  A few of the tracks including live songs and tracks such as Burning Desire, Freedom, and Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) have been released on other Hendrix releases but could be alternate versions.

Disc: 4
1. Stone Free [LIVE] (previously unreleased recording)
2. Burning Desire (previously unreleased recording)
3. Lonely Avenue (previously unreleased recording)
4. Everlasting First (previously unreleased alternate recording)
5. Freedom (previously unreleased recording)
6. Peter Gunn/Catastrophe (previously unreleased alternate recording)
7. In From The Storm (previously unreleased alternate recording)
8. All God s Children (previously unreleased recording)
9. Red House [LIVE] (previously unreleased recording)
10. Play That Riff (previously unreleased recording)
11. Bolero (previously unreleased recording)
12. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (previously unreleased alternate recording)
13. Suddenly November Morning (previously unreleased recording)

Disc: 5
And then of course there is the documentary DVD that goes with this set which is complete as I caught most of it in an exclusive viewing on the BIO channel a couple of weeks ago.

I have to admit that I’m a bit underwhelmed at the track-listing for this release.  When compared with the other 4 disc boxed set Experience Hendrix released, it doesn’t appear to offer any better of a selection of rarities.  The first disc, while interesting, doesn’t really contain any breakout Jimi material, but material of R&B bands to which he backed up guitar.  Ultimately, I’ll be purchasing the album and making my final decision on what I think then.  What it comes down to is this…

Will there be any killer new tunes included in the handful of new tracks made available on this album?  The answer to that question really holds the value of this collection as a few new songs that rock could make this set worth it for me.

Looks like this thing is going to be ready to roll of the presses on November 16th.

I will add more info to this post as it comes into me.

You can pick up the album at amazon here…

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4 Comments on West Coast Seattle Boy – The Jimi Hendrix Anthology Release

  1. Roger Fullilove says:

    Hi Chris

    Nice article. Thanks

    I wonder what you made of the two most often used descriptions – previously unreleased recording verses previously unreleased alternative recording. What’s the difference in your mind?

    I think you’ll likely end up disappointed if you’re looking for real stand out tracks. I think we’ve had ’em all. It’s been 40 years, but let’s hope.


    • Hi Roger,

      Experience Hendrix is notorious for listing an item as unreleased when it really isn’t. However, there are some truly unreleased songs on this set, while they are only a handful, and there seem to be some exciting alternate recordings. Truth be told, this set may be something that only die hard Hendrix fans should invest in but only the release will reveal that.

      Thanks for stopping by buddy!
      Chris Elliott

  2. Roger Fullilove says:

    Yep. I guess they confuse us between “unreleased” and “not currently available”. I expect I’ll be in the die-hard community, so I’ll let my £50 go again. BTW I listened to LA Forum 1970 on the Experience Hendrix website. I had that record forever – Rubber Dubber label I think. But I don’t remember the quality being that poor – their copy is appauling. I have very fond memories of the stand out track from that album – 22 minutes of Room Full Of Mirrors, etc. Roger

    • I got a copy of the Love Or Confusion Single with the 12 Bar With Horns bonus track and did like them both. The Love Or Confusion wasn’t much different but the 10 minute bonus jam was excellent.


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