Well here we are – The release of Michael Jackson’s first posthumous album: Michael by Michael Jackson. I’ve been extremely excited for this release for a long time and was lucky to find that they were streaming the full album on December 8th, from Michael’s official Facebook page. So here it is, more than a week before it’s even released, the full song by song review of the new Michael Jackson album, Michael…Michael Jackson Michael Review

1)  Hold My Hand featuring Akon – This song is absolutely incredible. One of the best songs I’ve heard in a long, long time. This song is emotional and extremely catchy. No doubt will be the biggest hit off of the album and be played to death on the radio. I cannot get the song out of my head. Hearing Akon and Michael do a song together is something of pure beauty and I can only imagine this song was just the start of what would have been a TON of additional recordings had Michael not passed away. I will say that I have a different version of the song, the original version, which has minor differences, but that I like more. Regardless of that, this song is just incredible. I can’t say enough good things about it.

If you’re interested, here is the Hold My Hand official music video that was just released as well…

2)  Hollywood Tonight – The song starts which a church choir chanting which is quickly overtaken by Michael beat boxing and a bass filled music track. A very intense song with Michael’s vocals showing just how much he’s evolved and grown (in a good way). About a girl going Hollywood and capitalizing on potential opportunities. There is a whispery, spoken vocal by someone I can’t recognize who could potentially be Teddy Riley. The course is melodic and powerful with Michael really getting into thevocals.

3)  Keep Your Head Up – A deeper, emotional song. A soft track with Michael’s vocals smoothly flowing over the track. The music has a lot of rhythm guided by the prominent kick drum and snare taps. The song shows Michael’s confidence in his voice. His vocals are accented by church chorus like vocals which work well with the track. There are some of Michael’s signature “Whoooo’s” in the song but to me, they just don’t sound like signature Michael. It’s possible they were from one of the background singers.

4)  (I Like) The Way You Love Me – The song starts off with Michael singing and beat boxing on the phone. The music comes in with an up-tempo, innocent type of beat. Michael’s vocals start off in solitude and sound incredible. Michael’s vocals definitely get you floatin’ on this track. The music is accompanied by a constant banging on the piano giving the song structure. There is also a flute present during the course which works perfectly with Michael’s vocals. A song about love and the fruits of it such as kissing and hugging. At the end of the song, Michaels vocals have a bit of auto-tune on them to bring the song to a close.

5)  Monster featuring 50 Cent – The song starts off with a bang and glass shattering. The music track has rhythm reminiscent of the Dangerous album. The beat is repetitious, fast, and hard hitting. The song is accented by Michael’s screams. Michael’s vocals are emotional filled throughout the entire song. 50 Cent said in an interview that they didn’t record this song together before his death but had talked about it prior to his death so 50’s vocals were done after his passing. 50’s verse is ambitious, you can tell he put his entire heart into the track with a hardcore verse trying to represent Michael right and he shines. Definitely one of the more heavy hitting songs on Michael.

6)  Best Of Joy – A softer song with Michael’s vocals having an almost childlike quality. About love and how it will never end. A happy go lucky feeling to the song. The track is guided by a simple drum kick and some keys letting Michael’s voice shine. The simplicity of the song actually makes it better than it would have been with a bunch of overproduction and Michael shows his vocal skill.

7)  Breaking News – The songs starts with a barrage of news clips from news shows and then jumps into a fast drum based track. The song is about Michael’s bouts with the media and his vocals are emotionally charged. The course is accented by what seems to be some light auto tune and overdubs by Michael. The kick drum is present throughout sounding like a machine gun at times. The keys play an excellent melody. The course repeats a lot but is excellent – This song could very well be a second single, after Hold My Hand with Akon.

8 )  (I Can’t Make It) Another Day featuring Lenny Kravitz – The song starts of dramatically with a bass filled intro and a synthesized melody, seeming kind of slow. Then the chorus hits and Michael goes into a rock filled rage screaming his vocals with guitar blazing. Michael’s signature “hee hee’s” are present and almost eerie at times knowing he’s gone. Funky, dirty guitar work is present on the chorus making the song really get you into a grove. Lenny shreds on the guitar during a short solo and offers perfect background vocals on the chorus which accent Michael’s vocals extremely well. An awesome collaboration between Michael and Lenny Kravitz.

9)  Behind The Mask – The song starts off with a blues saxophone playing over a buzzing crowd which builds anticipation for the fast paced beat that drops in. Funky, deep bass guitar is prominent in the track. Michael’s vocals in the chorus are accompanied by a computer/synthesizer sounding vocal. Michael’s vocals are strong but seem a bit rough and raw in that they seem to have a bit of distortion at times. This was likely a demo track that they mastered as well as they could after Michael’s untimely passing. There is a saxophone solo which is incredible and really gets you groovin’. A very good song seemingly about the masks him and his kids wear on the surface with a deeper meaning behind the message. The song ends with Michael’s vocals accompanied by a female backup singer exchanging emotional yells.

10)  Much Too Soon – A slower, ballad type song with horns. Michael’s vocals are the clear star here and are showcased well. An almost orchestra like music track backs Michael’s vocals. There is an an old style harmonica and acoustic guitar accent. Michael’s vocals are simple yet clear and honest. The song has an almost lullaby like quality similar to something you would sing to your kids. There are no drums on the track. A very good and emotional close to Michael’s album.

I’ve been a Michael Jackson fan for a long, long time. When I was a little kid about 3 years old, my mother told me I used to dance to his music whenever it came on TV. I can recall my earliest purchase when it comes to music being the Off The Wall album. For me to say that this album was an emotional one to listen to would be an understatement.

Conclusion On Michael by Michael Jackson

Now that I’ve vented my love for Michael’s music, I’d like to bring everything together – This album is 100% classic. It clocks in at 41 minutes and 42 seconds of music. Sure, it would have been nice if they included more music but these were the immediate and most recent tracks Michael created which would amount to an album he may have envisioned.

The songs are incredible, of extremely high production quality and representative of where Michael was going with his music. His evolution and clear growth is easily observed in this album. I am comfortable calling this one of Michael’s best releases and giving Michael by Michael Jackson an easy 5 star rating…

5 Star Chris Elliott Rated

If you found this review helpful and want to pick the album up, you can get it pretty cheap on Amazon.com and they’ll kick me down a few cents…

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