This is the fourth album by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  While this was one of the lesser selling albums form the bands original lineup, it’s still a solid, rockin’ album.  Anyone who loves Skynyrd will find this album right at home in their collection.Lynyrd Skynyrd Nuthin' Fancy

This review is on the remastered version released in 1999 which also included two bonus tracks.

We’ll get on with the show and go through each song…

  1. Saturday Night Special – One of the premier cuts on the album. An excellent rock song with a searing song riff and murky guitar work throughout.  A great party night song.
  2. Cheatin’ Woman – A softer bluesy song, about the pain that a man feels when a woman cheats on him.
  3. Railroad Song – This song starts with some country harmonica followed by a dirty southern baseline and Ronnie’s vocals. This song has a hint of gospel roots with female background singers adding to Ronnie’s vocals. Classic guitar solo’s make this a southern rock classic.
  4. I’m A Country Boy – A song about being a country boy. Repetitive guitar riff throughout accented by signature Skynyrd guitar licks here and there. Not the shining song on the album but an excellent message and certainly worth listening to.
  5. On The Hunt – This song starts with a dark rock baseline to set the mood. Ronnie comes through with lively vocals and the keys add to the ambiance of the song. The guitar work is substantial and really shines with the keys in the background.
  6. Am I Losin’ – A homegrown, softer song about friendship and reminiscing on past friendships.  Softer and emotional with a strong course thanks to the background vocals included.  Of course the song includes emotional guitar solo work which compliments the composition perfectly.
  7. Made In the Shade – This song starts with the feel of an old school southern parlor song.  A fun southern style song with plenty of acoustic guitar and what sounds like a slide steel.
  8. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller – A full on rocker tune.  Awesome guitar work that only Skynyrd can provide.  All about being a rocker and a partier, the lifestyle that Lynyrd Skynyrd became very comfortable with at times.  Excellent guitar solos weaved smoothly throughout the song.
  9. Railroad Song (Live) (Bonus Track) – Performed At Bill Graham’s Winterland in San Francisco, California on April 27th 1975. – Excellent sound quality live recording.  Ronnie’s vocals are in tune and strong with the harmonica in the background adding an excellent accent the song.
  10. On The Hunt (Live) (Bonus Track) – Performed At Bill Graham’s Winterland in San Francisco, California on April 27th 1975. – A solid performance with great guitar performances.  Great to hear Ronnie interacting with the crowd as well.

This album benefited from the re-mastering and the resulting sound is awesome.  While I would liked to have seen some unreleased tracks or demos as the bonus tracks, the two live bonus tracks are still a great addition.

While it wasn’t the best selling of Skynyrd’s albums, I do find it to be an extremely consistent and enjoyable listening experience.  Because of that, it gets a solid 4.5 stars.

4.5 Stars Chris Elliott Rated

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