Axis: Bold As Love is the sophomore album from The Jimi Hendrix Experience.  This album cemented The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s place in rock and roll history and proved that they weren’t just one album and done rockers. The songs proved the worth of Jimi Hendrix as a song writer and the consistency of his guitar prowess.Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold As Love

This review is done on the 2010 remastered version of Axis: Bold As Love which includes a bonus DVD.

  1. EXP – An experimental track with all kinds of sound effects created with the guitar. Mitch Mitchel and Jimi do dialog. Weird and interesting at the same time. Pushing the limits of what his instrument could do.
  2. Up From The Skies – Up-tempo song with an excellent beat. Flange type effect on Jimi’s guitar adds a unique sound to the track. R&B type vocals from Jimi make the song low key but emotionally powerful.
  3. Spanish Castle Magic – A nice hard rock song. Killer riff by Jimi with a darker sound. Machine gun style drums from Mitch Mitchell in places bring the song to life. A fast moving solo add’s Jimi’s signature sound to the song.
  4. Wait Until Tomorrow – A happy go lucky rock song. Jimi singing relaxed with a bit of soul in his vocals. Lively drums by Mitch with a simple baseline by Noel that keeps the track on point. Backup vocals by Mitch & Noel add depth to sections of the song. The main riff is an excellent summer jam sound.
  5. Ain’t No Telling – A fast moving song.  A good hearted rock tune with the drums, guitar, and bass all present. Jimi’s vocals move fast as well but work perfectly with the track.
  6. Little Wing – Another of Jimi’s incredible guitar ballads. A beautiful song where Jimi makes the guitar beautifully sing. Jimi’s vocals are R&B focused and extremely poetic in content. Cool effects on Jimi’s vocals and the guitar work make the song sound even better. Jimi’s solo work is unmatched and adds an incredible emotional pull to the song. Definitely one of my favorite tracks on the CD.
  7. If 6 Was 9 – A dirty, rough rock song with gritty guitar work. Jimi’s vocals have a soulful blues tone. The guitar stomps are strong and work perfectly with the bullet style drums. Awesome guitar work with distortion shows Jimi making the song his own. Space invader type sound effects in some places add the psychedelic effect. Dialog in a poetic, dark fashion brings the song into a different realm at times.
  8. You Got Me Floatin’ – A repetitive rockin’ guitar riff gives this song structure.  Background vocals by Mitch and Noel give the song a Beatlesque sound at times.  Jimi’s vocals are full of soul and are strong.  Some guitar parts are screaming and make a big mark on the song.
  9. Castles Made Of Sand – Another one of Jimi’s softer songs.  A gritty but soulful guitar riff make this song a more emotional composition.  Jimi’s vocals are fast paced and give the flavor of early rap/hip-hop music which is accented by his soulful R&B type laces throughout.  Mitch keeps the song grooving with powerful, snappy drums.
  10. She’s So Fine – A Noel Redding penned song with Noel also singing vocals.  This song gives off a Brithish Rock feel, once again with a Beatlesque type of flavor.  Mitch provides well structured drums while Jimi provides high pitched accent vocals in the background.  Jimi lays out an incredibly bright set of guitar licks that make the track really shine.
  11. One Rainy Wish – A soft ballad with awesome R&B vocals by Jimi which give this song a beautiful tone.  Jimi adds a more rockin’ style to the vocals for the course.  Jimi’s searing guitar work is present throughout the song.  Noel doesn’t an excellent job of providing both slow and funky bass parts where needed.  Jimi’s finger work on the guitar to create a beautiful composition is easily noticeable.  The song fades out with Jimi still singing.
  12. Little Miss Lover – This song starts with an almost hip hop type of beat to it.  Very rhythmic.  Jimi’s vocals have a flange type effect on them as does the guitar which matches nicely.  A clear rock song with really funky bass work by Noel Redding.  Jimi’s solo is loud and screaming which makes a huge presence on the song showcasing Jimi’s guitar mastery.  The song is full of life with background vocals giving the song a group type of feel.
  13. Bold As Love – The title track off the album.  Another soulful guitar riff starts the song off in an exciting mood.  The vocals are mellow and laced with R&B style and a soulful flare.  The title track of the album with Jimi exclaiming that he’s bold as love.  Once again, Jimi’s beautiful solo work is incredible adding a powerful special emotion to the song.  The end of the song brings on strong flange type of effects which add a powerful tone to close the album.

The Extras…

The DVD…

This DVD isn’t the longest disc you’ve ever seen at 17 minutes.  However, it’s an extremely packed 17 minutes and I think it’s the perfect supplement to the album.  Jimi’s first manager Chas Chandler and his engineer throughout his career, Eddie Kramer, do interviews.  Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding also talk about the way they recorded in the studio which is insightful.  Eddie Kramer shares individual tracks from songs which is revealing and everything is tied together with music and rare pictures & video of Jimi and the boys.

The Booklet…

The booklet is packed with rare pictures of Jimi as well as editorial writing about the album and Jimi at the time of recording.  Jimi’s hand written notes and lyrics are also included.  This booklet is fat and more packed than any other CD I’ve seen.


This album is great.  My favorite part of this album is the obvious inclusion of more of Jimi’s softer ballads which I think that he truly excelled at.  Jimi’s R&B and soul roots are truly noticeable in this album.  Also apparent is the fact that the group was becoming more cohesive as a unit to bring tracks together.  The premium packaging at a bargain price with the addition of the DVD and expanded booklet are all welcomed editions that make this release a treasure.  All of this draws this review to the conclusion that this album receives a much deserved 5 stars.

5 Star Chris Elliott Rated

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