Again, I’m not one to get into singles too much, especially vinyl but Experience Hendrix put a bonus track that I just had to have on this release which isn’t available the Valleys Of Neptune album titled Cat Talking To Me.Jimi Hendrix Valleys Of Neptune Vinyl Single

  1. Valleys Of Neptune – Valleys Of Neptune is an excellent sounding track that just lacked Jimi’s addition of his lead guitar licks. Truly cool to hear a new song in studio form. Jimi’s guitar is forceful and guides the song well. The bass guitar present keeps the song on cue. Jimi’s vocals ride his guitar playing. The drums sound excellent and crisp. The spaces left for Jimi to add his signature guitar licks are extremely obvious but the song is still great. The spaces in the song surprisingly don’t seem to leave the track bare. [Excerpted From My Valleys Of Neptune Review]
  2. Cat Talking To Me – Incredibly, a song with Mitch Mitchell on lead vocals!  Jimi’s guitar work is muddy and pops.  Mitch also provides the drums which are of excellent quality.  A real head bobber.  Of course Mitch isn’t the greatest vocalist in the world but this song certainly isn’t bad.  This song was recorded in the earliest of the bands career in 1967.

Cool New Find!

This is a vinyl single but through some Google sluething, I was able to hunt down Sony Legacy actually selling it online via digital download in CD quality!  Each track is $0.99 and you don’t need the Valleys Of Neptune track if you aleady have the album so you can get the bonus track for less than a buck…

A very cool and obscure bonus track make this track worth grabbing if you are a Hendrix die hard.  If you’re a casual listenter, you may want to give this one a pass.  But then again, it’s only $0.99.

As for a rating, I have to give this single 3 out of 5 stars.  The three main factors that contributed to this rating were the fact that I had to pay extra to get the other song by them not including it on the main album, the fact that this thing was only physically released on VINYL, and the fact that Jimi didn’t contribute vocals…

3 Stars Chris Elliott Rated

If you would like to hunt down the vinyl version of this single, you can take a look at the eBay link below.  If you buy through that link, eBay will kick me back a few cents if you found this review helpful…

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