I know, review a CD single? Am I nuts? Actually, no. This CD single is worth hunting down if you can find it.

This CD single was limited to a one time pressing of 15,000 units and was only available at Walmart. I was lucky enough to find two at the local location here in Corpus Christi and kept one for myself while auctioning off the second for a hefty profit on eBay.Jimi Hendrix Valleys Of Neptune CD Single

So why is this CD single significant? It comes with a non-album bonus track that was only released on the controversial album Crash Landing with the inclusion of Peace In Mississippi.

Here we get an edition untouched by Alan Douglas which is nice.   Also included is a live version of Red House recorded At Clark University on March 15, 1968 as a digitally downloadable bonus track available on the Walmart website via a special code included in the CD case.

  1. Valleys Of Neptune – Valleys Of Neptune is an excellent sounding track that just lacked Jimi’s addition of his lead guitar licks. Truly cool to hear a new song in studio form. Jimi’s guitar is forceful and guides the song well. The bass guitar present keeps the song on cue. Jimi’s vocals ride his guitar playing. The drums sound excellent and crisp. The spaces left for Jimi to add his signature guitar licks are extremely obvious but the song is still great. The spaces in the song surprisingly don’t seem to leave the track bare. [Excerpted From My Valleys Of Neptune Review]
  2. Peace In Mississippi (Bonus Track) – This song is a classic rockin’ instrumental jam track. Jimi uses distortion to make the riff mean and driven. Mitch Mitchell’s drums are crisp and clean. Jimi’s guitar work really shines here. No vocals means Jimi is dedicating all of his attention to the guitar and he doesn’t disappoint. An obvious band workout and at 7 minutes long, this track is an excellent addition to the album.
  3. Red House (Live At Clark University March 15, 1968) (Digital Bonus Track) – A searing live performance with Jimi’s guitar work ripping through the blues ridden riff. Jimi’s vocals are excellent and really on que.  The bass guitar work is faint but present.  Mitch Mitchell’s drums are lively and work in a tag team kind of way with Jimi’s guitar work at times.  Excellent sound quality on this live recording.

The two bonus tracks are worthwhile, especially Peace In Mississippi.  The addition of a hard rockin’ 7 minute instrumental showcasing Jimi’s shredding prowess is certainly worthwile.  The life track, while available on the Clark University album, is still a great track.  For a CD single, I give this 4 out of 5 stars based on the fact that I don’t like having to buy extra stuff to get the “rest” of the songs 🙂

4 Stars Chris Elliott Rated

If you would like to try and hunt this CD down, which is certainly possible, you’ll probably have luck over at eBay.  You can search and order through the eBay link below and eBay will kick me back a few cents if you found this review helpful…

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