Christmas music from Jimi Hendrix? Yep, it’s true. I was in shock when I found out about this CD years ago and it doesn’t disappoint. Although it’s more a single rather than an album. There are two tracks with a third track representing an extended version of one of these.Jimi Hendrix Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

  1. Little Drummer Boy / Silent Night / Auld Lang Syne – An excellent mish mash of holiday tunes that Jimi put together. This track was recorded with the Band Of Gypsies; Billy Cox on bass & Buddy Miles on drums. The drums aren’t too flashy but keep the track in rhythm. Jimi’s guitar has his signature sound and shines perfectly. This is an instrumental track and Jimi’s guitar shines as a result.
  2. Three Little Bears – The opening riff is extremely catchy. Jimi’s vocals are unplanned and seems like an unrehearsed first take Jimi didn’t want to take any further. He can be heard saying “It’s so silly man” and “Man, I don’t feel like going through with this, this is really silly” but continues through the track anyway.  However, Jimi’s guitar solo tears into the song and is awesome. The quality of the track is excellent and the drums are lively. At the end of the song, Jimi sings “la la la” harmonies with the riff in a high pitched voice which is pretty cool and then goes into another solo.
  3. Little Drummer Boy/Silent Night/Auld Lang Syne (Extended Version) – The extended version of the first track starts out a bit slower with more of an introduction building up the the fuller, more lively track. Some of the additional parts are more murky with more distortion than the trimmed down version. However, this is a beautiful seven and a half minutes of Christmas cheer to enjoy on the big day.

You can’t really go wrong when you have some Christmas tunes to rock by the big man Jimi Hendrix.  This short, but excellent quality handful of track are excellent for that taste of rock during the holidays.  I give this CD 5 out of 5 solid stars and will certainly be playing it this Christmas…

5 Star Chris Elliott Rated

Amazon has this CD for peanuts.  If you would like to grab a copy, you can click the Amazon link below and they will kick me back a few cents if you found this review helpful…

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  1. Geoffrey says:

    Hahahaa.. Is that an actual photo of Jimi or has the beard been photoshopped onto his face?

    I’ve never heard of this album, but I’d love to check it out… hmm, it’s there on YouTube.

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