There are literally thousands of books, DVDs, courses, coaching programs, etc. on the subject of personal development and self help. The last 40 years has seen the dramatic growth of the self help industry and billions of people have been taken advantage of as a result.  I should know, I have $20,000 of this crap on several 7 foot bookshelves in my home.

These courses promise everything from effortless success, automatic wealth, amazingly easy attainment of your goals, no hard work, guaranteed success, instant results, etc.  I’m going to go over the scam that is the self help and personal development industry as well as a real way that you can achieve all of your goals, but first we need to talk about the 2 big scams…

Scam #1 – Hollywood Self Help & Theoretical SpectaclesSelf Help Personal Development Arrow

Nearly all of the personal development information out there is just flat out made up drivel. The writer is just that, a writer. They “create” what seems on the surface to be a book or course filled with great ideas, great insights, and what they love to refer to as “tools.”  What they are really doing is making this stuff up on the spot. It’s theoretical information that has never been proven or tested in any kind of measurable situation.

You might also notice that much of this writing seems exciting and you really “feel” like you are getting something out of it. This is because the writer creates flashy prose using buzzwords and emotional triggers that stir up your emotions. While you may notice that you get a boost out of the material, you have probably also noticed that “boost” disappearing shortly after digesting the self help material.  Anything that lasts longer than a week is rare.

The writers of this information create their information based products with the tact of a sleazy late night infomercial so that you feel excited while consuming it. Think about any infomercial product you’ve purchased in the past; have they performed like the amazing television miracle you saw when you made the purchase?  Of course not.

Most self help authors have absolutely no experience with self help.  They create this theoretical “system” with shiny plastic wrapping.  In fact, the majority of self help and personal development product creators and authors didn’t achieve ANY success, until people started buying their products on how to achieve success!  That’s insanity!  Do you want to be learning how to achieve your goals from someone writer who couldn’t even do it themselves?

Many would be self help authors also love to read other books on personal development and put that information in their own words.  Also known as “the great rehash.”  How helpful, right?

Scam #2 – Rehashing The Rehashes Of Personal Development

Another favorite way to create self help and personal development products and books is to rehash material from a bunch of other self help books.  The way this works is some guy or gal buys 20 books on how to achieve success, he or she reads them all, then he or she writes a book rehashing all of the information that they just read on how to achieve success.Success Failure Sign

What’s crazy about this is that the books they read were most likely the Hollywood Self Help type of books that we previously addressed.  So not only are you getting garbage theoretical content that doesn’t even work, you are also getting it rehashed in some unoriginal jerks own words!  What a bargain!

For The Naysayers – “But This Book Helped Me,” “Not All Of Them Are Bad”

Look, I know that not all of the content out there is bad, only the majority.  I would agree that there are certainly dozens, upon dozens of excellent books and courses out there created by reputable, real world people with the necessary experience to create such an information product.  Like I said previously, I’ve purchased well over $20,000 in personal development and self help courses myself.  Sadly, what is actually helpful is only a small percentage of what I own.  I will most likely be covering my favorites in separate reviews on this blog in the future.

But remember, while you may get some benefit out of a course or book created theoretically, it was most likely an accident which resulted out of shot in the dark, theoretical information that was tested on you!

What It Really Takes To Achieve Your Goals

I can hear some of you saying “Okay smarty, if all of the self help information out there is a crock, how do I achieve success?”  I’ll share that in blunt, realistic form…

1) Organization – This means making to do lists of your short term and long term goals.  This also mans placing concrete dates on those goals and transferring them to some kind of calendar so that you have deadlines on certain things to take action on.  To do lists are the items that most self help “gurus” love to say “If you’re using to do lists, you’re never going to achieve your goals” about right before they launch you into their theoretical disaster of a product.  Think $0.50 spiral notebook for creating to do lists.  Think $8 planner from Wal-Mart for your calendar.

2) “I Done Its” – This is real world, “I made it” information from people who have really achieved success.  And no, I’m not talking about self help or personal development products or books.  I can sum up where to find the “I Done Its” type of information in one word; biographies.  Get out of the personal development and self help sections of the bookstore and get into the biography section.  Get the biographies of people who have *really* achieved the success that you want to and do what they did.Hard Work Sign

3) Hard Work – Here it is folks.  What no one wants to hear.  For decades now, self help authors and personal development gurus have downplayed the number one ingredient in achieving any goal; hard work.  There is no easy alternative for hard work.  There is no magic, secret, undiscovered trick that can do your work for you despite what many authors say in an effort to get you to buy their book.  In fact, this step alone will get you to your goals without the other three I outline.  However, the other three will make your hard work pay off faster.

4) Faith – It goes without saying that faith is a byproduct of hard work.  After all, you’re not going to be working hard towards a goal if you don’t have faith of your achieving it, now are you?  Keeping that end result in mind will keep you focused on the prize and help push you through the hard work.

There it is.  What it really take to achieve success.  How do I know?  Out of all the self help and personal development literature that I’ve read, these 4 steps are the ones that have consistently produced real results.

Well Chris, What If YOUR 4 Steps Fail?

Great question.  That’s the beauty of these 4 steps, they cannot fail.  If you are committed to working hard, you will eventually achieve your goals.  If you “think” you failed, you’ve stopped working you’re not really working hard.

Final Word

If you’ve been looking for the perfect time to start working hard, it’s important for you to know that there is no perfect time.  It always takes a certain level of mental toughness to spring forward and take the first step in doing hard work to achieve your goals.  Be very careful how much “success” literature that you buy as most of it is complete garbage.  Yes, there are some excellent books out there on personal development but you’d be more likely to win at the roulette wheel in Vegas, putting your money on double zero, than finding a quality self help book.

Here are three books (biographies) which will show you exactly how to go from nothing to achieving the success you desire…

NOTE: kicks me back a few cents if you buy through these links.

Until next time,

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