Okay ya’ll.  Being a pizza aficionado, it’s time I review the “new & improved” Domino’s pizza.  I’ve never really liked Domino’s pizza but it’s been a few years and I figured I’d give them another shot since they say they’ve improved.

Domino's Pizza Review

What did I get?

Medium Pepperoni & Green Pepper Pizza, Regular Hand Tossed Crust…

The Good – Excellent cheese and decent crust.  The green peppers were also fresh.

The Bad – The pepperoni is nearly flavorless and is almost soggy.  I like my pepperoni flavorful and chewy, sometimes with crispy edges.

The entire pizza is heavily coated in some kind of garlic powder/seasoning mixture which is pretty salty.  I’m talking crust, top of pizza, bottom of pizza, toppings, etc.  I actually like salty but it got to a point where it was just a bit too much.  I also didn’t like having my fingers coated in “pizza dust” like I just ate a bag of Cheeto’s.

The sauce has a dark flavor to it with what seems to be a hint of vinegar and a hint of salami, not very tasty.  It just didn’t taste like pizza sauce to me.  There was also too much sauce.

2 Of 5 Stars - Chris Elliott Rated

Overall?  I’d give the new & improved Domino’s 2 out of 5 stars.  The main things are the quality of the pepperoni and the new sauce recipe.  Less “pizza dust” would be nice as well.

Bottom line, I won’t be ordering again until the next “new” Domino’s surfaces.

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