Now I normally don’t do this, but today I am passing the keyboard to a guest blogger.

The guest is my beautiful dog Bella.  She has an extremely important message for you…

Cindabella Dandelion Elliott

Hi.  I’m Cindabella Dandelion Elliott, Bella for short.  I’m a beautiful Lab mix and I’m also playful, loving, and great with kids.

I was lonely before I was adopted because I didn’t have my own human to love me, play with me, and give me attention.  It’s hard to live in a place with 400 other dogs because the people who work there only have so much time.

Around Christmas time, a big burly man came in and started playing with me.  He told me he was looking for a good dog to come home with him.  He also said I would have two human sisters named Madison Rose and Kelsey Lynn as well as a mommy named Wendy which I thought was great!

I was adopted before Christmas by Chris Elliott and his family from the Corpus Christi Humane Society.  I went to my new home and was given my own cool kennel with my own bed.  I also got my own shiny dishes to eat and drink out of and some toys I love.

My family really loves me.  The bond we have is very special because I didn’t have a family and I was lonely.  Now I’m part of a family who loves me and who I can love with all my heart.

I love running around and getting away from my dad outside sometimes to make him mad which I find hilarious.  I also love taking over my dads ottoman and eating the food off of his chair side table when he walks away from time to time.  I’m pretty cute so I can get away with this stuff 🙂

I love jumping on my oldest sister and playing fetch with my youngest sister.  I also try to bark the words “I love you” and have the syllables down.  I can sit, lay down, shake, high five, and dance because my dad taught me how.

I firmly believe in adoption.  I have a motto that goes “don’t buy a dog privately and let one of us homeless dogs *stay* homeless.”  Us homeless dogs really appreciate when people adopt us and make us a part of their family.  We’re really loving and we need people like you!

I really believe in the mission of the Corpus Christi Humane Society because they have a no kill policy, and they spay/neuter us dogs before sending us home with our new family.  This is an excellent way to stop more of us dogs from becoming homeless.

If you would like the companionship of a dog who can be a great, loving friend to you, please go see my friends at your local Humane Society or local dog shelter.  There are hundreds of other dogs just like me there and they really need your help!

Also, if you want to help the great people who took care of me and made sure that I found a great home, you can donate food, supplies, and monetary help here…

Adoption Rules!
Cindabella Dandelion Elliott – “Bella”

P.S.  My dad recently changed my food from Purina Dog Chow to Member’s Mark Bites & Bones from Sams Club because he heard it was healthier.  After adjusting to it for about a week, my little digestive system is used to it and I have more energy and a shinier coat.  Thanks dad!

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