UPDATE:  The final update on this page details the resolution of the situation.

I’ve been a loyal customer to a software company that goes by the name Incansoft over the years. In fact, I’ve gone as far as purchasing every single software program that Incansoft has on their website which is dozens…


Do I have a use for all of the software? No, but I absolutely enjoy supporting home grown companies so I bought them all anyway.

Unfortuatnely, after doing so, I started digging into some of the software to use it and came in contact with three major problems…

  1. The software was completely dead and unusable out of the box.
  2. An update provided by Incansoft made the software completely unusable after deploying the update.
  3. The software is advertised as Vista/Windows 7 compatible but it’s not which the company has acknowledged – yet they continue to advertise it as compatible on their website.

Many of the software programs are “Bots” which allow you to automate business tasks such as posting to social media sites, listing your site in directories, pinging RSS feeds, etc. The Bots, which are sold under the Incansoft sub-brand of Traffic Mania, are a suite of 10 or so programs which automate various business tasks.

Unfortunately, the Traffic Mania software programs, while advertised on the websites as Windows 7 and Vista compatible, simply aren’t. They cannot properly function with the Windows 7 or Vista UAC system. I reported this years ago to them and they acknowledged that their software wasn’t compatible. Sadly, they have refused to fix it and continue to advertise it as compatible on their websites.

I went from one system which was running Vista, which was having these problems, to a now new system running Windows 7 in which the same problems exist.

These errors make the software completely unusable unless you dig around in the program files, run software as an administrator or do what Incansoft suggests, turn off the Windows UAC system which leaves your computer vulnerable to attacks! And these things don’t even guarantee that the software will work.  There are also numerous other errors which cannot be remedied by digging around in program files.

And if you have an existing database of accounts and submissions like I did (which was hundreds of entries deep), the backup function simply will not function on Vista or Windows 7.

I’ve been very patient with the company but finally started getting frustrated because I wanted to be able to use what I paid for. So 2 months ago I contacted them for support, yet again notifying them of the incompatability issues with Windows 7, Vista, and the UAC system in Windows.

A support tech named Mac sent me this message…


You are right and I can start to elaborate in a lot of aspects but it won’t take us far. We are changing the way bots are being installed to create a folder in C and avoid problems like these.

We are trying to keep them updated as well and you know the story, and we are working on changes that are going to makes our bots compatible are amicable to put in perspective with Windows’ UAC.


That reply was sent to me on September 21st and I never heard back with any update so that I could use the software. So a month and a half later, I still had never received a reply or update for these problems. Keep in mind, this is after being aware of the issue, as I previously reported, for years.

So I sent in these two e-mails on November 9th…

What’s the status a month and a half later? Are these programs still not compatible with windows 7?

Chris Elliott

PADBot still will not open, says there is an update, when you click update, takes me to a dead link on your site.

DirectoryBot still has the errors reported, will not open.

SocialBot & RSS Bot will not load my databases unless I run as administrator.

Please provide updates to remedy these problems.

Chris Elliott

Also, keep in mind that when I say “unless I run as administrator,” I actually have to go digging round in the program files to find the EXE file before I can run the file as an administrator.

Support technician Mac, responds with this message…


Directory Bot is bein updated and should be completed by the end of the weekend.
I don’t know if I mentioned this to you before, I remember some exchange of communication between us not long ago, in any case wanted to share some information with you, in early 2011 we will dramatically change the way our Bot programs work, I can’t really disclose details but we have discovered a way for the bots to work regardless of changes in directories and also a totally different way on managing databases. A lot of exiting changes are ahead of us, stick around. I’m sure you will like them.

Kindest regards,


So there we go. Of all those errors, I get a promise, much like the previous ones, that says an update for *one* of the programs is coming! Next, he informs me that they are planning to fix the other problems next year. Unbelievable.

I then send this reply…

Does that mean that these programs aren’t going to work until next year? Very uncool. I’ve had these programs for a long time, a year or two, and a ton of them just don’t work.

Please escalate this to Mike. I think some sort of compensation is due for me being so patient, being a guinea pig on some of the software applications, having a bunch that don’t work, waiting months for solutions, etc. This isn’t professional, honest, or fair to someone who’s supported your company to the absolute maximum capacity in buying EVERY software and product you sell! Geez, I’ve recommended dozens and dozens of people to your site without an affiliate link too!

Please send this to Mike as I’m sure he has a fair solution. Also, don’t send any money to my old paypal account, I don’t have access to it any longer and will not get the money or be able to refund it.

Chris Elliott

Mac, then sends me this reply…


Thanks for your support, we appreciate your business.
About your email, I never said that, I just thought it would be nice of me to share some information with projects we have, these are programs that will do the same as the ones you have only with different and improved performance. We want to evolve and bring our customers with us along the way.
For the record, Mike is aware of what I’m doing and I’m doing my job. If you believe you deserve some sort of compensation, then when you upgrade to the new version are you going to give us extra money? I’m not even asking you for that.

About the program’s performance, first as you know services change and we release updates. Second, I’ll be specific about your errors.

PadBot, no update, the program is calling a page that doesn’t exist. It’s a glitch with no update behind it, we are aware of it and it will be corrected for the next update as it doesn’t affect the program.
DirectoryBot will be updated soon, is almost ready.
Social and RSS seem to be having the problem you are familiar with (User Account Control), that can be solved by uninstalling the program and reinstalling it again outside the Program Files.

Also, personally, I don’t think calling something uncool is professional as well.



Real professional, right? Mac tells me that I’m basically stuck. He says that I need to insecurely install the software for it to funtion properly. Wow, thanks. He also says “It’s a glitch with no update behind it, we are aware of it and it will be corrected for the next update as it doesn’t affect the program” which isn’t true. The software will not even open!  And “next update?” I’ve already been waiting months.

I then reply with this e-mail addressing specific parts of Mac’s e-mail (my responses are in bold)…


You need to seriously check your tone there buddy.

I’ve been EXTREMELY patient.

And if you want to talk about professionalism, I e-mail you about getting fixes to errors a month and a half after reporting them and you provide nothing but “we are updating them in 2011.” Nothing about updates that I fully have a right to. You totally ignored the questions and purpose of my message!

Now, let’s go through your “so called” response in your previous e-mail…

PadBot, no update, the program is calling a page that doesn’t exist. It’s a glitch with no update behind it, we are aware of it and it will be corrected for the next update as it doesn’t affect the program.

It’s already been 2 months. When is this next update?

DirectoryBot will be updated soon, is almost ready.

When is soon? You indicated the same thing almost 2 months ago!

Social and RSS seem to be having the problem you are familiar with (User Account Control), that can be solved by uninstalling the program and reinstalling it again outside the Program Files.

And? How about a fix? How about fixing the problem? Telling me the error that I already reported to you is of no value.

Escalate this message to Mike immediately. I would hate to have to post your correspondence in the warrior forum, where Mike gets the majority of his customers while asking for help in getting in touch with him, in an effort to get him to respond because you refuse to pass on my messages to him. I also know Mike would want the message if I requested it be sent to him.

And as for this statement…

“If you believe you deserve some sort of compensation, then when you upgrade to the new version are you going to give us extra money?”

Very unprofessional and rude on your part. Yes, I do *expect* the upgrade for *free* as I was promised lifetime upgrades to all of the bot software I bought. I was also promised Windows 7 compatible software that functions which I have NOT received.

Chris Elliott

Now, John Rodgers, someone higher up responds. And you aren’t going to believe what he says when he does…

Look here Chris, you’re the one who needs to check your tone.

First, you do get free updates for life. When we release them, you get them. You haven’t ever paid more than $14.95 for a piece of software from us, and the majority of your purchases were for $7.77. Do you seriously think you aren’t getting your money’s worth?

Second, all of the bots have been tested and do work under Windows 7. If you want support to help work through the problems on your end, we will do that. But no one here is going to tolerate any more of your verbal abuse and rants.

Third, I’ll direct you to the Incansoft disclaimer at http://incansoft.com/TestSite/Disclaimer.html, in particular the final paragraph which reads
“We respect our customers and work hard to provide prompt, courteous support to them. Customers who submit threatening, abusive or harrassing support requests will immediately forfeit their right to Technical Support from Incansoft.” There is a link to that page on every one of our sales pages.

Consider this a warning. Any more nasty emails, any more threats, and you will receive NO technical support.

If you want to take a step back and proceed in a reasonable manner, we are here to help. It’s entirely up to you.

John Rogers

Especially important is John’s statement of “all of the bots have been tested and do work under Windows 7” which is both amusing and not true as admitted by their own employees years ago!

This image shows me reporting incompatability two months ago, then shows Mac acknolwedging the incompatability the same day while their website, 2 months later, still advertises these programs as compatible…


After getting this rude response trying everything from intimidation, bullying, and threats to get me to submit and just accept the fact that they’ve sold me non-functioning software, I send in this response (my responses are in bold)…

Look here Chris, you’re the one who needs to check your tone.

First, you do get free updates for life. When we release them, you get them. You haven’t ever paid more than $14.95 for a piece of software from us, and the majority of your purchases were for $7.77. Do you seriously think you aren’t getting your money’s worth?

The software is completely unusable so NO, I do not think I’m getting my “money’s worth.” And for you to imply that I got my “money’s worth” because I paid $14.95 and $7.77 each for the software is ridiculous. Integrity packed statements there John. Let me be clear, software that is completely useless is worth nothing. As for checking my tone, I’ve been waiting for months, I have every right to be frustrated, this stuff doesn’t work! I’m certainly keeping my tone professional and inline with the support you’ve offered up until now which has been non-existent.

Second, all of the bots have been tested and do work under Windows 7. If you want support to help work through the problems on your end, we will do that. But no one here is going to tolerate any more of your verbal abuse and rants.

I’ve been trying to get help “working through the problems” for months! What do you mean you’ll help me do that? As for verbal abuse and rants, I’ve been very professional with your company for a long, long time. Nearly every single software program that I go to use is either completely non-functional out of the box or becomes completely unusable from an update you provide. Beyond the two months involved in this situation, I’ve reported the Win 7 problems, which were acknowledged to exist long before that and they have NEVER been fixed even though they have been reported.

I’ve also have had issues with other programs prior to that, including web based scripts. I love the “verbal abuse” ploy, trying to play the victim to side-skirt your responsibility, providing completely unusable software. When this communication goes up on my blog, we both know my readers will clearly see the true nature of the Incansoft “support system.”

Consider this a warning. Any more nasty emails, any more threats, and you will receive NO technical support.

You mean the “NO technical support” that I’ve gotten up until now? The problems which make the software completely unusable that I reported months ago? You can take your warning and shove it, John.

Your character shines through brightly in this e-mail as does your dishonesty. I’ll be writing about this on my blog and including the correspondence along side the problems I’ve encountered with the software.

Your attitude and refusal to deliver what was paid for will be something that readers can see for themselves. We both know that this isn’t going to look very good on you, especially considering the fact that I’m a I’m a minister who is clearly honest and patient, specifically so in this situation.

If you want to take a step back and proceed in a reasonable manner, we are here to help. It’s entirely up to you.

No, I’m not going to sit back in what you’re referring to as a “reasonable manner” because it’s obvious that by “reasonable manner” you mean accepting the fact that you’re selling non-functioning software and refusing to fix it within reasonable time frames. We’re talking months here. I’m not just going to “sit back and take it” under the threat of you *officially* saying you’re not going to give me the support I’ve paid for when you’ve already offered no support for months! For you to threaten me by saying I will “receive NO technical support” when I’ve been patiently waiting for months now is real professional John. Refusing promised support would also fall under the grounds of illegal I would imagine.

For you to even think you have an inch of ground to stand on is complete lunacy. You’re selling defective, non-working, broken software which you are advertising as functioning and which have also been reported as non-functioning months prior! What part of that don’t you get? When I post screenshots of tons of the software I’ve purchased from you not functioning along with your rude, completely unhelpful responses and threats months after I reported them, how do you think that’s going to make you look? You certainly know the answer to that.

For some reason, Google seems to love my blog and ranks it highly for pretty much any keyword or key-phrase I target, so a post with all of the problems I’ve had with Incansoft software and correspondence I’ve received from you and Mac, would certainly generate substantial awareness of this situation.

Now if you want to apologize for both your rudeness and for leaving me holding the bag for months with non-functioning software, I’m a forgiving person, but I’m not going to be bullied and threatened after you’ve already left me hanging for months on purchases I’ve made in good faith with your company.

Chris Elliott

Their response? This one word message…


The lesson here is that you should be VERY leary of supporting back alley software companies with rude people at the helm. Incansoft is owned by Michalis “BIG Mike” Kotzakolios. Diego Hernando is the programmer Mike hired to write the Windows software – The software being advertised as compatible as Windows Vista & Windows 7 compatible, which obviously is not compatible as you’ve seen admitted by their own company.

John Rogers is head support technician who is apparently authorized to treat customers like trash when they get frustrated at the non-working software they just purchased or ask for compensation as a result of the non-delivery for months on end.

There are also two support people named Brian and Mac which vary between completely useless when it comes to support, to flat out rude.

Here’s a list of Incansoft software so if you come in contact with any of them, you know to steer clear…

        • Llama Spin
        • RSS Gadgets
        • BlogBot (Blog Bot)
        • PADBot (PAD Bot)
        • GFX Video Writer
        • ArticleBot (Article Bot)
        • Incansoft Translator
        • EZ Content Manager
        • SocialBot (Social Bot)
        • PressBot (Press Bot)
        • Content Mania
        • EZ Niche Builder
        • EZ Testimonial Manager Pro
        • EZ Coupon Manager
        • Secure Digital Downloads
        • Web 2.0 Video Gadgets
        • EZ Comment Manager
        • DirectoryBot (Directory Bot)
        • Desktop Acquisition Manager
        • EZ Project Manager
        • RSSBot (RSS Bot)
        • EZ Lesson Manager
        • EZ Testimonial Manager Lite
        • GFX Writer V2.0 Header Creator
        • EbookBot (Ebook Bot)
        • VideoBot (Video Bot)
        • IncanBot (Incan Bot)
        • ForumBot (Forum Bot)
        • IndexBot (Index Bot)
        • AdBot (Ad Bot)
        • TweetyBot (Tweety Bot)
        • Incansoft Header Software
        • WP-PayMe (WP Pay Me)
        • EmailBot (Email Bot)
        • CommentBot (Comment Bot)
        • GuestBot (Guest Bot)
        • RSS2Facebook (RSS 2 Facebook)
        • RSS2Tweet (RSS 2 Tweet)
        • Niche Mania (NicheMania)
        • Domain Acquisition Manager
        • Press Release Magic (Kindle eBook)
        • Understanding CAN-SPAM (Kindle eBook)
        • Web 3.0: Semantic Search (Kindle eBook)
        • Digibilly.com (Digibilly Cloud Pay)

While it’s certainly illegal for a company to sell products with support and then refuse to offer support (as John threatened) without merit, legal action would be hard or impossible to pursue. Michalis “BIG Mike” Kotzakolios lives in Greece and runs Incansoft software business out of his house.

I’m not sure about jurisdiction or what costs would be associated with perusing litigation in Greece, but I’m sure that it would be astronomical and very unlikely to be able to collect on a judgement if one was obtained.

This is a cut and dry case of flat out fraud. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this software and the majority of it doesn’t work. Michalis “BIG Mike” Kotzakolios, owner of Incansoft, has hired support people and given them permission to be rude and refuse escalation of unsatisfactorily handled support requests – Even if that includes a customer who has been sitting here for months on end with non-functioning software.

Take this as a lesson. If you are going to support home grown businesses, do so locally so you have some form of recourse when it comes to the business not delivering what they promised, making threats, and withholding updates or support.

As for Incansoft’s rating? Not a hard one to figure out here…

Zero Stars Chris Elliott Rated

UPDATE #1: Even after Mac promised, yet AGAIN, updates to the software by the end of last week, none have materialized.  However, they have managed to launch ANOTHER software program which is being falsely advertised as Windows 7 & Vista compatible!  How lovely.

UPDATE #2: John Rogers, head support person, removed me as a friend on FaceBook 🙂

UPDATE #3 (December 8th): Now Incansoft has graduated to full on theft and stealing! Mike Kotzakolios has deactivated all of the software I purchased so that it can’t even be installed or opened, and he kept all of my money (hundreds of dollars). Not that I was going to use it being that it’s defective but stealing is stealing. Stay far, far away from Incansoft, they absolutely will sell you defective/non-functioning software, treat you like garbage when you ask them why, and will steal your money.

I received an e-mail last week from someone wishing to remain anonymous, who informed me that Mike Kotzakolios is very vindictive and that he would deactivate my software, steal my money, and try to destroy my website and it looks like the games have begun. Watch out everyone. Incansoft WILL do damage to your business!

Mike, I also know you’re reading this…You’re the one offering up a public display of threats, fraud, and theft my friend. Everything you do is going to be updated and displayed here for the world to see.

UPDATE #4: John Rogers & Michalis “Big Mike” Kotzakolios, are attempting to have my posts explaining this horror story deleted from a forum online. I know the forum owner so I’ll be in contact with him 😉 Add attempted fraudulent censorship to Incansoft’s roster of illegal activities.

UPDATE #5 (December 16): Someone posted 5 separate comments on my blog under different names and e-mail addresses. However, they were posted with the same IP address which means they’re from the same computer. Hmmm, I wonder who it could be? 🙂 The messages proceeded to call me a clown, a fool, and arrogant. And my favorite cut down, “I can’t imagine who would ever employ you,” in reference to my being a writer.

Mike, here’s a note: You, your employees, affiliates, or friends attempts to fraudulently post mean, degrading, and foul comments under fake names will be thwarted.

UPDATE #6 (January 7th):  Michalis “Big Mike” Kotzakolios has now turned my software licenses back on.  Truly unbelievable, the actions of this guy.  Unfortunately, turning of software licenses for software products that don’t work doesn’t give me what I paid for.  Nor does it change the fact that you turned off my software and kept my money.  If you walk into someones house and steal their wallet, then come back and return it a few weeks later, does that mean you didn’t steal it in the first place?  Not to mention the fact that I would be crazy to use this software after what Incansoft has put me through!  Keep your eyes on this post everyone, this is going to get very interesting.

UPDATE #7 (January 12th): Someone posted a link to this blog post on a popular forum and Michalis “Big Mike” Kotzakolios is trying to get that post deleted on the grounds that there is “pending legal action” against me.  I replied to the post and let him know that I look forward to any litigation proceedings as he’s claiming defamation which is a hilarious claim.  What a truly peachy business –  Sell me software that doesn’t work, refuse to offer timely fixes, threaten me, turn off my software and keep my money, and to top it all off say you’re going to sue me?  Are the actions of Michalis “Big Mike” Kotzakolios and Incansoft those of a business you’d want to give your money to?

UPDATE #8 (May 16th): Just got word of another person, Lisa Gergets, who Michalis “Big Mike” Kotzakolios ripped off.  Shockingly, his theft from me was only a couple hundred bucks – this time, the theft is in the form of business fraud, which will amount to well over $10,000 in stolen income!  It’s a sad (and frighting) story which you can read for yourself here.  It’s truly scary to know there’s a person like this hiding out in Greece, who really taking it to people in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia via continuous fraud, lies, and theft.  The good news is that more and more people are outing this guys illegal activities, which will eventually result in his downfall.  This thief and bully will not be able to profitably operate forever.

UPDATE #9 (May 23rd): Jay Vasdewani, is yet another victim of BIG Mike.  You’ve heard my story, a ripped off customer; You’ve heard the story of Lisa Gergets (Update #8), a ripped off business partner; Now hear the story of Jay Vasdewani, a ripped off programmer here.  Mike Kotzakolios of Incansoft is truly willing to steal, lie, and cheat anyone in any situation, which his documented business history exposes.  The easily demonstrable pattern of extremely aggressive, albeit hollow, legal threats is also appalling.  I’ve had multiple private messages telling me about BIG Mike threatening them with legal action in addition the the comments on this blog and his documented legal threats reported on other blogs.

UPDATE #10 (May 25th): I waited to post this information until I properly sat down with my attorney and had a discussion with him – A few months ago, Mike (Michalis) Kotzakolios of Incansoft, had a form letter sent to me threatening to sue me.  My research showed that the attorney he employed was likely part of some “pre-paid” or “a la carte” legal type of service where Mike paid a bargain basement price to have a an attorney try to intimidate me.  The letter was full of lies and threats claiming defamation, which were actually pretty hilarious as they were so “out there.”  This guy is pretty bold in that he’ll lie, cheat, and steal right out in the open and then try to sue YOU after he’s done it, in an attempt to intimidate you into keeping quiet!  Of course, Mike and I both know that if he would like to actually pursue this in court, he’d be in for a world shame when I started producing additional evidence.- As if the evidence provided in this post wasn’t already enough.  I can’t say I wouldn’t find it amusing to take this case to court.  More free publicity for Mike and his illegal activities?  Sure, thanks – Some local TV coverage would also be a great video supplement to add to this blog post.  Defamation?  Hilarious.

UPDATE #11 (May 31st): Mike (Michalis) Kotzakolios of Incansoft, has taken this to the next level – He has actually threatened not only me, but my wife and children.  He has also made clear his intention to do financial harm to my family.  I have to take these threats as statements that he will ultimately carry out.  There will be more information on this as I confer with legal counsel.

UPDATE #12 (July 20th): A week ago, this blog post officially received it’s 100th comment – Half of them are mine replying to other people but that means we have over 50 comments from other people outing the underhanded business practices of Mike (Michalis) Kotzakolios and Incansoft.  Not only is 100 comments big, but it also marks the 100 comment anniversary of the end of Big Mike’s ability to silence people who he’s ripped off.  Because all of his customers come from from the Warrior Forum, where he’s also a moderator, and where he also has a financial relationship with the owner, he would instantly have any posts reporting bugs, incompatibility, or dis-satisfaction with his software deleted.  After my coming out with my story, several other people have gone public with even more of his dirty tactics.  But that’s not all, there’s yet another blog post by another witness to Mike’s aggressive and abusive antics, which you can read by clicking here.  I also recommend you visit Lisa Gergets blog post again and read the updated comments, which point out Mike’s sexist, and verbally abusive tone towards women – In his own words, from his own website.  I can only hope and pray that Mike will see the light and want to stop these atrocities towards others, and truly want to right his wrongs.

UPDATE #13 (January 13th, 2013): A quick update.  Today someone from the Dominican Republic attempted to hack the Google account that I used to submit press releases related to the situation in this blog post.  After further analyzing the account, I found that someone had also added a Sony LT26i smartphone to the account in October of 2012.  Luckily, the idiot that did so didn’t realize the IMEI number on the phone was also registered in my account, and a look-up provided not only the location (Europe) of the phone, but also the make and model of the phone.  I’ve contacted authorities providing the uniquely identifying IMEI number, which is capable of providing the exact location of the phone, just like an IP address on a computer.  To be clear, I don’t have definitive proof of who is responsible for the attempted hacking of my Google account today, or the adding of a cell phone to my account in October.  I also don’t know who the owner of the phone is, yet.  I won’t guess at who it is or speculate until I get definitive confirmation of who it is.

UPDATE #14 (February 7th, 2014): Yet another e-mail address I used exclusively for Incansoft software products has had a hacking attempt.  This time the attack came from Russia.  Fishy to say the least.  There have been developments in the previous hacking attempt but I’m waiting on more information before posting anything further.  My communications with foreign authorities on the previous hacking attempt have been productive, but slow.  I’ll continue monitoring all Incansoft related accounts and reporting hacking attempts to local authorities with as much gusto as possible.  Nothing definitive on this Russian based hacking attempt yet, but I’ll keep this post updated.

UPDATE #15 (May 27th, 2015): Resolution!  Good news regarding Incansoft.  Former Incansoft employee Diego Hernando has informed me that he has taken over ownership of Incansoft and that Big Mike is no longer affiliated in any way with the company.  He deeply apologized to me for how I was treated, agreed that it was unacceptable, and told me that it was out of his hands as Big Mike ran the show.  His apology was sincere and he even refunded all of the money that I spent on the Incansoft software out of his own pocket as a show of good faith.  He has informed me that he is rebuilding the company and software from scratch and that quality and compatibility are priority number one at the new Incansoft.  I have accepted his apology and believe his commitment to quality software and customer service is genuine.  I am considering this case resolved, unless any further hacking attempts or issues arise, in which, I will update this page.

Until next time,
Chris Elliott Signature

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172 Comments on Software Scam. Incansoft, Michalis BIG Mike Kotzakolios, Traffic Mania, John Rogers (Resolved!)

  1. Wow.

    I had been looking at getting their suite of tools to test for clients. I’m glad I haven’t!

    Well, that sucks for you Chris (sorry dude), but it gives reason to pause and reflect on our own customer service and how to avoid even the hint of any such shenannigans.

    Thanks for the heads up and the prompting to self-reflect!

    • Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yeah, the hundreds of dollars I’m out is one thing, but the frustration of painstakingly setting up several of these software programs only to have them “go bad” and stop working shortly thereafter was worse. That was worse than the ones that just flat out didn’t work right out of the box because I wasted so much of my time setting them up.

      It does also give us an opportunity to reflect on the way we treat our customers. Customer service is key, especially in times when customers are being more discerning in their purchase decisions. You have to treat your customers how you would like to be treated.

      Incansoft obviously doesn’t care but that will be their downfall. While I may be out a couple of hundred dollars and some frustration as a result of wasting my time, their business will ultimately be the one that bears the fruits of their actions in the long run.

      I look forward to seeing you around here again soon Wayne!

      Chris Elliott

  2. Sue says:

    Their disclaimer says it all. Don’t remember seeing something like that at legitimate companies.

    Found this through ablakeforum. Thank goodness they don’t stifle people and allow them to out these people.

    I bought a few of their packages many years ago before I changed to a MAC. Still get their emails. When I get the next one, I’ll include this link when I opt out!

  3. David says:

    I have all of their bots and a couple of their other programs and I don’t have these problems…any more at least. Earlier this year I was running XP Pro, then I decided might as well make the jump to 7 (I completely skipped Vista since I was always fixing my friends’ Vista computers). I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate on a 64 bit machine. At first my bots weren’t working. I couldn’t figure out the problem so I emailed Incansoft. After a couple of emails back and forth they told me to disable UAC. I did and all of the programs worked.

    I’ve always run a software firewall so I don’t feel unsafe at all. I use PC Tools firewall (it’s free) and it tells me about any computer changes which is basically what UAC does. After making the jump to 7 there were a couple of other programs I used that had the same UAC problem so that fixed most of my compatibility issues once it was disabled.

    I’ll admit some of the software gets flaky at times (especially when most of your submissions fail), but for the price I can’t complain. I was paying $127 a month for SENuke, that’s a far cry from a one off under $30 fee and when a good coupon is out it’s $7 – 15. For the money their bots are a great price and their is nothing price wise that can compete with them.

    I rarely use their products, but own a ton of them. I have much more expensive bots that do a lot of my dirty work. I figure if I use them once or twice a year I’m getting more than what I paid for.

    I think you’re expecting too much from cheap products. I’ve bought tons of software under $100 and after the first one or two updates the software stops being updated forever. With Incansoft at least I know sooner or later there will be an update. That’s why I believe they should just throw everything together and charge a monthly fee, at least that way they can focus on one core product. I do kind of think they are over their heads with so many bots.

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I’m not willing to disable the entire security system meant to protect my computer, that’s insane to expect. I also won’t shoulder the burden of buying a third party firewall or risking using a free one just to use their software 🙁

      I have NEVER heard of a software company telling you that the only solutions to using their software is to turn of the UAC protecting your computer or to insecurely install the software until I came in contact with Incansoft.

      Not to mention the fact that the UAC issue is not the only problem. DirectoryBOT and PADBot will not even open. SocialBot & RSSBot will not restore my hundreds of entries of backed-up data.

      You said…

      For the price I can’t complain, For the money their bots are a great price and their is nothing price wise that can compete with them.

      I completely disagree here. Just because the software is $10-$15 each doesn’t mean it shouldn’t work. You have to remember, this software is not a graphic design program like Photoshop or a web design software like Dreamweaver – They are very simple software applications meant to perform very simple, single tasks; filling in web forms and submitting them, so they DO NOT merit a high price tag regardless of inflated prices of the products.

      Combine all of the errors that prevent use completely in many of the programs, along with the fact that over half of all submissions fail or are not performed at all in the programs that do function, and you have nothing but a rip off.

      You also say…

      I think you’re expecting too much from cheap products.

      This is where you completely lose me. I’m expecting too much by expecting the products to work as advertised? I don’t want them to come give me a bubble bath, I want them to do nothing more than what they are advertised to do.

      Unfortunately, you suffer from “under-performance acceptance syndrome” which people in the Internet Marketing crowd tend to have and that certainly isn’t your fault. I’ve been making my living online for over a decade and it’s become common practice for people running software companies out of their house to over-promise and under-deliver.

      However, this does not make it okay for a company to ignore bug reports for years, promise updates for months, and then threaten and attempt to intimidate customers. Especially when you consider the fact that I’ve purchased every product on their website, spending hundreds of dollars.

      Chris Elliott

  4. j says:

    Hi Chris,

    It’s good you outed them. It’s shame that too many IM businesses and services lack integrity. You can tell they are about taking the money not doing real business. I didn’t realize Incansoft would be on of them for I see people on WF recommending them all the time. You have every right to say Incansoft is a scam and lack integrity from your experience.

    I’m not sure if you attempted to post this at the Warrior Forum, but you’ll probably get lynched if you do. He’s big name there and he’s got a lot of fans apparently.

    I did customer support via email for 3+ years for a huge store, and it was ridiculous how we bent backwards to make rude customers happy.

    They should have refunded you right off the bat after admitting the software was not compatible with the software and that you were uncomfortable with their so called solution that would make your computer susceptible to attacks.

    I don’t think some IM related businesses don’t see how they can damage their reputations. They just seem to be focused more on getting the money than providing value, which all businesses should be based on.

    That John guy from Incansoft obviously didn’t care that you’d been trying to get a resolution for all that time, and was basically saying tough luck that their software doesn’t work you and hit the road. It appears he was upset that he sucks at creating good software.

    If something doesn’t work — you either take care of the situation quickly or refund it! Period. Customers should always be given the best experience possible. In this case, a refund should have been provided.

    I think people are afraid to out people that have a following. Unfortunately, Warrior Forum says loud and clear if you talk negatively about a business, you’ll get the boot.

    I agree that your emails were tactful and I can see how you would be frustrated after waiting months for a solution. They acted completely unprofessional.

    You may want to contact the FTC. This kind of business doesn’t deserve new business when they cannot take care of their repeat customers.

    • Hi J,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      As for a following, I don’t care if they have a following. I know the owner of the Warrior Forum, Allen Says and have written copy for him in the past. I also have a much larger following than Incansoft does – I’ve been doing this for a decade and write copy (or consult) on a large majority of launches in that market, as well as many other markets.

      Not to mention, I say it like it is, or in this case, show it like it is by simply pasting their exact e-mails into my post. Their own communication is what sinks them here, heh.

      If I wanted to go plaster this on the WarriorForum, I certainly could but it will have much more of an impact if a reader of mine does so in response to an inquiry about the quality of their products.

      I look forward to seeing you around here more often J!

      Chris Elliott

  5. Steve B says:

    Hi Chris,

    I did not find your emails to Incansoft the least bit unprofessional or antagonistic. Sounds to me like you just hit a sore spot and they over-reacted. I’ve had similar “luck” with their software lately and similar “understanding” and “helpful” responses from their CS department.

    I originally asked for a refund, only to be told that they do not give refunds. I then decided to give the software (pressbot) one more try. I got it to open up, but when I sent out the press release, it only posted on 2 out of 27 sites. With the amount of time that I spent using this “automated software,” I could have easily manually submitted to all 27 sites and actually got positive results.

    I basically wrote them back and told them that I now understand why they don’t offer refunds…because the software doesn’t work. I got no reply…

    Anyway, thanks for the post. I’m glad I’m not the only one that is having these issues. Not that I’m happy you have had these problems, but I guess misery loves company. LOL

    Take care,

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I agree that the Incansoft customer service is horrible. In fact, I wouldn’t call it support at all. I compare their communication to that of a school yard bully but what they didn’t anticipate was my taking action against them and putting up their communication on my blog for the world to see.

      This post has received an enormous amount of traffic, several comments, and even more behind the scenes, supportive feedback sent to me via my contact form by people who wish to remain anonymous. It’s plain to see that there are a lot of people out there who are unsatisfied with their products. I found another site which had 9 negative reviews of SocialBot (Social Bot) versus only 1 positive review. And yes, I added mine to the bunch!

      I also just saw they launched EbookBot (Ebook Bot), another software program claiming Windows 7 and Windows Vista Compatibility, which obviously is not compatible.

      I wouldn’t say we’re miserable either – Sure, I’m out a couple of hundred bucks but I learned a lesson and I’m one of a growing number of people going public with their stories of the fraud and atrocious customer treatment perpetrated by Incansoft.

      They will not be able to do what they’re doing forever.

      Stop by again!
      Chris Elliott

  6. Ray says:

    Hey Chris,

    Article Bot Sucks… Here are some emails, I sent..

    No Response Either, I sent this on Nov 8, 2010, What is today, Oh December 6, 2010 and I sent like 5 emails with No Response, I guess they don’t answer their email. I am glad I only bought one of these Bots. I would be pissed if I bought more. I agree with you Chris, Man, I like your straight forwardness on how these IcanSoft People Are A Scam…Most of the article directories either don’t work or if you manually submit them, that doesn’t work.

    Hello, Diego, I am having problems with Article Submission with Traffic Mania-Article Bot!
    I have put the syntax in correctly, I am assuming! to Article Bot….

    So I submitted the articles in the article directories. And Then I Check If they are actually submitted.

    The submission Report is partly correct, but some are not correct.

    For instance… Amazines, Amazine 1, Article Farm, says they were submitted.

    All three of these were not submitted. I had to manually Add them in. Amazines and Amazines 1.

    So I left Article Farm in tact and my article was not submitted although it says in your Article Submission Report

    It says it was. So something is wrong…

    Get back with me and help me find out what the problem is, Or is there something I am doing wrong.

    Okay, Hope to hear from you and see if I can get all my articles submitted to the article directories, without having to do it manually…

    By the way do you have another email for these scam artists.. I will try contacting them again. I can’t believe they don’t answer their email…

    Ray Gollis

    • Hi Ray,

      I believe I just have incansoft@gmail.com if I’m correct. Is that the e-mail you have? It seems there have been a lot of people not getting responses at all much like you’re experiencing, or receiving extremely delayed responses which are rude and don’t address the issues with the software. It looks like Incansoft is heading the way of completely shafting their customers. Good thing you only bought the one software versus my buying their entire catalog!

      Thanks for stopping by Ray!
      Chris Elliott

  7. Ray says:

    By the way I like this comment!!!

    I don’t want them to come give me a bubble bath, I want them to do nothing more than what they are advertised to do.

    Ha Ha thats funny…

  8. Dave Pilgrim says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the great post! I can’t tell you home much I appreciate it. Mainly, because I am a newb. I did the Ed Dale 30 day challenge, but now whenever I try to google a product to read about it….all the review consist of is affiliates hyping it up. It is so frustrating because a person cannot get a clear view on something with affiliates posing as bloggers. So I appreciate your honest opinion and not trying to sell me something. That being said what do you like as a link building software? I have heard about link liberation and SENuke and others. I don’t really want to pay for back links. So what are my options for building organic back links through a trusted software? Thoughts?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Dave,

      No problem. You aren’t going to get anything but truth on this blog. This is my personal blog where I’ll share my opinions on politics, my experiences with bad companies, reviews on music, my poetry, and a ton of other personal stuff.

      Incansoft is certainly on their way down and with the rude and threatening way they treat customers, it’s also plain to see that they just don’t care.

      As for a link building software, my recommendation is not to use software. Here are some of the things I do…

      Build the links by hand by writing quality content
      Post relevant comments on blogs with a link back (NOT spam)
      Bookmark your pages on the social bookmarking sites
      Share them on Twitter and Facebook
      Ping RSS directories with each post
      Submit press releases

      No one wants to hear that there isn’t a software that will naturally make your site do well over time. If you are going to use a software, consider reputable tools to automate simple tasks like social bookmarking, like Onlywire, which offer a free option and have been around for a while.

      That philosophy has helped this blog gain ridiculous amounts of traffic and I have a Google PR of 0 the last time I checked. No need to have a high Google PR to get good rankings. Natural, quality content is key.

      Thanks for stopping by Dave!

      Chris Elliott

  9. Ray says:

    To Answer my following post from yesterday Mon. Dec 6, 2010.

    You said:

    I believe I just have incansoft@gmail.com if I’m correct. Is that the e-mail you have?

    My response:

    Yes, that is correct, this is the only email, I have. So I did some google searches and came up with your blog..

    But that is cool, I like your honest opinion of this company…

    Sincerly Yours,
    Your lifelong fan…

    Ray Gollis

  10. Larry says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for posting your experience for others to read. I was browsing the web considering making a purchase myself and you helped me make up my mind NOT to follow through.

    Most people either post good experiences or post hyped up marketing reviews. It’s rare to find an actual negative experience on a blog because most people don’t want to spend the time on something they’ve already lost money on.

    I read this whole article and comments because I, probably like you, feel much better knowing that maybe the time spent on writing an article might just help someone else from making the same mistake.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience,

    • Hi Larry,

      Great name by the way – Larry is my fathers first name and my middle name 😉

      No problem on the review. I love honesty and a new mission of mine has been to out companies who are just flat out dishonest or bad with customers. I’ve taken on some big companies such as Guitar Center and Best Buy and won. This review alone has saved a ton of people from making a bad buy. On top of all these commentors, I have received thousands of visits to this blog post as well as numerous private contacts via my contact form. Mission accomplished there.

      Of course this blog is about my life and my walk through it whether that be negative, as it will be at times, or positive.

      Happy Holidays Larry!
      Chris Elliott

  11. WARNING!

    Incansoft and Incansoft owner Mike Kotzakolios have now graduated to full on theft. Read the update #3 in the blog post above.

  12. Erik Heyl says:

    Hey Chris! Ever have THIS problem with GFX writer? Got it installed on the laptop. works fine. HAd it installed on the desktop and whenever I try to produce a video it tells me “invalid media type, file name already in use” I’ve emailed support and followed directions to no avail…thoughts?

    • Hi Erik,

      Thanks for stopping.

      As my (and many other peoples) experiences demonstrated, Incansoft and Mike (the owner) have proven to be common thieves. Your software having errors is no surprise and getting a solution to that problem is very unlikely to come through. If you tell them you want a solution and wait a couple of months, then re-approach them, you’re likely to encounter the same fate as me – Having your software deactivated and your money stolen.

      I’m sorry to hear that you were among many that have been taken.

      On a more cheerful note, happy holidays!

      Chris Elliott

  13. Fox says:

    There is a reason why some software are so cheap and there is no refund policy attached. There is also a reason why there are so many people singing praises to his products.

    Ever wonder those praises are from himself, assuming multiple personalities?

    Ever wonder if they are from affiliates promoting his products? Why would affiliates continue to promote his products? Simple. There is no refund policy. A confirmed sales is confirmed money in the pocket.

    Furthermore, many people just like to see the “Success” message showing up on their screen. Not many people will bother to check or verify if it is truly a success submission.

    Nobody like seeing ugly facts. Facts that show “your submission failed”. They will think that software that shows that message sucks. I beg to differ. Software that present the ugly facts to you might worth your keeping than software that dishes out fake results.

    In future, look for out software that offer full refund, and from reputable businesses. Look for software that offer an easy route for exit. Those who does, shows how confident they are in their own tools.

    • Hi Fox,

      Yeah, after being treated the way I was and robbed blind, I would not be the least bit surprised if they used underhanded plants for testimonials.

      The no refund policy does speak volumes.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Chris Elliott

  14. Leah says:

    Chris Elliot,

    I’ve heard your name before, not sure where. Your writing shows class with clout. You are only guilty of irritation by means of the truth because they can slice, dice and toss the truth out the window but it won’t change or get lost. Annoying too!

    I accidently found this post through a small text link below the footer on the left side of http://www.adtactics.com which I found on a testimonial. I always check out testimonials so I know who’s real and the links you find at the bottom of most websites are always the most interesting.

    The “under-performance acceptance syndrome” is caused by fear of confrontation unless it’s life-threatening I guess. If I could just learn to be less sarcastic I know I would be more effective. Example: http://freetexthost.com/mbdhuohga2 I haven’t heard anything out of Stone, The Home Biz Guy since I sent my reply – 3 times. In his defense, it is “possible” that he doesn’t even know what his staff is promoting for him but he does now.

    If you’re serious about exposing the blantant “truth” perpetrated by these ostentatious fakers and story-telling clowns in drag, I’m ready when you are. http://www.scamzoo.com means whatever you wish for comes true… See http://www.spydudes.net for another good example of being naughty and not very nice.

    Thanks for giving me the nudge to cancel my monthly wholesale membership with Icansoft. $19.95/mo and you get full personal rights to use and resell everything…except I never had time to do much of either.

    When I did try to use a couple of the programs, they needed too much tweaking and whatnot but Mike always answered my emails personally and even installed whatever I couldn’t get to work. Then 2 months ago I lost my key to get access to the updates only this time both of my emails went unanswered but I just let it go.

    Time always tells and here I am surprised but not really. Something changed in the last 6 months because I’ve never known Mike to be rude or allow anyone who works for him to carry on that way. That’s very strange.

    Even more out of character is being STUPID enough to piss someone like YOU off. He knows who you are better than most of us – that’s what I really don’t understand. Waking up a sleeping bear who “CAN” do things but quietly chooses NOT to has “not a good idea written all over it!” — @thriftgirl62

    • Hi Leah,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Also, thanks for the compliment on my writing, I have been doing it full time for a decade now 🙂

      I’m glad that you cancelled your membership with Incansoft. As you can probably tell by both the copied and pasted communication from them on this blog, and the comments from other people here, Incansoft is not a company you want to trust with your money. Selling the “warez” of Incansoft isn’t going to do anything but have your customers mad at YOU, which you verify in your confirmation of them ignoring your messages for help – So much for “lifetime” support, right?

      And yes, the majority of people (especially in this industry) do fear confrontation. However, I am not one of them – I enjoy “calling it like I see it,” I have a lot of clout in the advertising industry, and I thoroughly enjoy exposing people who run dirt ball scams.

      You and the huge amount of private e-mail I’ve received regarding the operations of Incansoft, on top of the comments on this blog, affirm my experience.

      Good will prevail.

      Happy Holidays Leah!
      Chris Elliott

  15. A press release is forthcoming regarding the recent actions of Michalis “BIG Mike” Kotzakolios, owner of Incansoft.

    Stay tuned,
    Chris Elliott

  16. Leah says:

    OMG Lord have mercy. Why do people wake up the bear and then cry wolf? Something tells me the wolf packed up and left town right after lunch. Hmmm, better start praying now.

  17. Justed added update #5 with an interesting development.

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Chris Elliott

  18. Hosting Promotion says:

    I was really close to buy “directorybot” after reading a thread at the WarriorForum (the thread is from 2009).

    But I decided to use advanced search option to limit the searches to past 1 year and I came to this page.

    I use windows 7 and therefore I decided to stay away from incansoft scripts and softwares.

    Thanks for letting us know.

  19. […] of dollars from me.  To read more about my initial post as well as the 5 recent updates on Incansoft and Mike Kotzakolios click that […]

  20. Ron Herman says:


    I fully agree with you that Incansoft is a SCAM.
    They make false claims, false advertising on salespages and their support is totally worse.
    Waiting multiple days for a simple reply.
    Lots of sites are complete useless, unranking and even not working.
    And they update their bots once in two years i guess.
    Absolute pieces of shit.

    I own 5 or 6 of their bots and the only one that was worth the money ($7 after using a coupon) was the RSS bot, which works on 70% of the 30 sites they claim it should work (all other sites are errors).

    I seriously would recommend anyone NOT to waste any money on these scammers from Incansoft (“Big” Mike Kotzakolios, John Rogers (who calls himself “The Instigator”).

    Stay away from them!

    One correction though Chris, in this posttitle “John Rodgers” should be “John Rogers”.

    • Hi Ron,

      Thanks for stopping by, I hope your holiday season went well.

      I agree that that false reporting and bad submissions are an epidemic with Incansoft products. It appears that despite all of the issues, they are going to release the Incanbot after the new year.

      Happy new year!
      Chris Elliott

  21. Don says:

    I just want to buy llama spin for myself as well as to be their affiliate and try to sell it to my readers. Thanks to Google and you Chris for this great breaking news.

    I almost purchase their software if I didn’t read your review here. Just let anyone of warrior forum know how bad they are.

    I hope you have your problem solved asap.

    • Hi Don,

      No problem on the report. The truth needs to be heard, especially when it can save other potential victims from being taken advantage of.

      Unfortunately, the problem will never be “solved” judging by the scandalous actions of Michalis “Big Mike” Kotzakolios. He’s refused the fix the errors he’s been aware of for 2 years, as well as threatened me and stole my money. Unlikely a resolution will be forthcoming but you never know.

      Glad I could help Don and happy new year!
      Chris Elliott

  22. Don says:

    One more thing make me so sure that their products are not as good as they advertise; take a look on their refund policy:
    “All sales of Incansoft products are final and are non-refundable”

    Never heard such policy on the net before.

    • Hi Don,

      I agree. A “no refund” policy alongside software which is proven to have bugs, errors, and a history of false submissions is neither professional or honest.

      Chris Elliott

  23. Yet another new development. Read update #6, you won’t believe it!

    Chris Elliott

  24. John says:

    We purchased VideoBot from Incansoft and gave it a test run in our office.
    We are very familiar with video submission software and have been using Traffic Geyser for years, point being we know what we are doing when testing it. In short, the software does not preform and it actually sucks. Total waste of time and money. I guess we bought the dream or rather the lie. Our video SEO specialist put it best when he said “they should change the name from VideoBot to VideoNOT”. I did email support and received a very unwelcoming email that claimed we were threatening them. Thanks for the forum to vent and protect others. Best to all honest people in 2011.

    • Hi John,

      Sorry to hear you fell victim to Incansoft too. Rude support responses seem to be nothing more than “business as usual” over there. If you insist on them fixing the software, they usually say you’re “threatening” them. Very childlike and unprofessional.

      Glad you found this blog post.

      Happy New Year!
      Chris Elliott

  25. John says:

    Hey Chris,

    The bad experience with Videobot has driven our team to move forward with developing a video submission software product that will be Free to users. We’ve been using Traffic Geyser for years and have been pretty happy with it for the most part. I think the problem really comes in with a “do nothing approach” everyone wants automated software and when it come to video submissions you really need to slow it down and submit a lot by hand. The idea behind our software is to be somewhere in the middle between automated and hand submitted. The best of both worlds…saving time with successful submissions. I will keep you informed of our development, we will need people to beta test it, so maybe you can help us out there. Again, this will be a free product for users. Best to you. John

  26. dean72 says:

    I can’t believe I’m reading this, no wonder their software sucks and sells cheaply…how stupid of me in getting their 3 softwares and after using it the first time i never bother using it again.

    I swear I heard good reviews before buying it at WF, anyway Chris thanks for letting us know about this, I was actually goggling ” incansoft web 2.0 traffic mania” since I’m not really sure how to use it, having problems getting it to run months ago and i don’t want it collecting dust on my diskspace, I guess I just have to delete all their rubbish softwares now.

  27. I bought the RSSbot late last year. Wasted so much time and only 6 out of 28 reported successful. Incansoft replied with a “We are aware of the directories you mention, they have been forwarded to the programmers in any case I’m missing something.”

    Had to shelf it for a while, hoping to give Incansoft time to update its directories. Good thing I bought SEO Link Robot later which has an efficient RSS module, and I never had to go back to check on RSSbot anymore.

    Glad I stumbled on to your blog, as I am itching to buy its PressBot for my press releases submission. Thought I was just plain unlucky with RSSbot and my next purchase should be better, judging from the rave reviews I read on the Warrior.

    Well, you save my $30. I am going to delete RSSbot from my PC. Thank you Chris.

    • Hi Chris,

      I’m sorry to hear you had the same results as many of us in that the majority of your submissions fail.

      As you can see, you’re part of a growing crowd of people who have experienced the same issues, among others.

      Here’s to a prosperous new year here on out Chris!

      Chris Elliott

  28. Yet another development in Update #7 of this blog post.

    Chris Elliott

  29. MaKKa says:

    Hi chris at any stage while this or after this problem where you hacked.

  30. Lee Davis says:

    Mr. Elliot,

    Thank you for exposing the scuzzy antics of less-than-adequate business owners like Incansoft. As I run a computer repair sideline as well as market online and webmaster, I’m hardly surprised at the actions of these criminally-insane yahoos. Although this problem is endemic online, you wouldn’t believe how rampant it actually is OFFLINE. Just saddened that you had to be tooled on by fecally-slathered mooks. These are the type of people who’ll steal your family members’ keepsakes you left them before your funeral (lol!). But, on a more serious note, all you people out there need to get rip-snorting mad and consolidate to run these turdlets off the net. If there was a mass refusal to fund any of them once their deceptive practices were unmasked, the web would be a better place.

    I just can’t tell you how sorry I am that these bad things happen to such undeserving people, and, Chris, thanks for letting me know about your horrorshow with Incansoft (I’m staying away forever).

    • Hi Lee,

      Thanks for stopping by. While I can’t say that I would use some of the language you have, we do have freedom of speech here. Also, you included a link which appeared that it could have pirated software. I don’t condone or support that here so I edited it out.

      I do agree that if we band together and voice our experiences with Incansoft together, we can affect change.

      Glad to see you around and thanks for your comments.

      Chris Elliott

  31. Wow Chris,

    That’s just crazy. I have used a few Incansoft products in the past and I have never been incredibly impressed. I have used articlebot, directorybot, rssbot and socialbot.

    I have really only ever seen any results from RSSbot. Social bot just seems like a spotty attempt at software as does articlebot. Directorybot is really a useless program since submitting to the directories that it lists can take months. I know that isn’t Incansoft’s fault, nonetheless it devalues the purpose of the software.

    I have sent in support requests about the update process that was obviously not well thought out and reminds of me of an update process that I might create – open this, then close it, press the 5,8,y, and d keys at the same time while dragging this file to here. After an update, the software just stops working correctly. I heard back absolutely nothing. Feel lucky that they paid attention to you.

    I’m sure that this software has helped some people at sometime. I have been quite satisfied with Content Mania though. Never had problems with it.

    Anyway, I feel for you. Their actions are completely ridiculous. The customer is always right – especially when the other end is so obviously and totally in the wrong. It’s just insane. You have my sympathy. Keep us updated!


  32. Chris, I just want to thank you as well for your expose on this company. Many of us need to recommend products to our clients from time to time and I was on the verge of recommending PressBot to mine. But OMG!

    On another note, there is an internet marketer doing a big video marketing launch right now who is promoting PressBot as a solution for promoting videos. I hope the poster who said he’s developing a video submitter will get in touch with me at steve@brainyvideo.com. I’m always on the lookout for legitimate ways to promote video on the web.

    We do need to watch out for each other these days, and I really appreciate your efforts to protect a whole bunch of new people from being taken in by scams.

    It’s the yin and yang of life, isn’t it? There’s greatness and there’s the evil twin of greatness as well 🙂

  33. Boris C. says:

    The more you dig, the more you know. Now you really know what is under the hood. You not only wasted your money but also lost your time.

  34. allen says:

    I was searching google for forum bot review offered by incans, and found this blog. It looks like I should stop wasting my time.

    I always feel weird that why I can not find reviews for incans software on warrior forum anymore. Now, it makes sense to me.

    although 14.95 is not much money, but if it does not work as advertised, then it is a waste. what’s worse is, it will cost much more time to figure it out that it will not work.

    thanks for saving my time and money, Chris.


  35. Jay Vasdewani says:

    Thanks Chris for that blog post. Its quite an eye opener. My experience is not with the software, but with the owner. He claims to be managing project since 30 years. If the owner is not humble (I wanted to use other words) you can be rest assured how everything else works in that company.

    The whole experience taught me a lesson that I will not forget in life and I think that will make me better person in general. I run a small software company and I was working with this X person on some of the projects. One of them went really well and made everyone lot of money, that includes me. There were couple other projects we were doing, one of them actually was my suggestion. I have chat logs to prove that. So I went forward and started working on it blinding. Now this X person hires “Big Mike” as project manager. He emails me about the status. I tell him it will be another 3 to 5 days to finish last bits and then we need to test. In between he emails me to understand how everything works, I suggested to actually install the “software” and I gave him reference as well. All good so far. Now next day he emails and asks me status. My programmer had an accident and he is still not back (I wish him quick recovery), so I told him the coder that works on this project had an accident and another of my guy will pick up from Monday. Well in comes his reply and calling me “liar” and then asking me to finish this project over the weekend else he will hire someone else..Remember 24 hours ago I had mentioned I need 3 to 5 working days. I reply him back I can’t do it over the weekend, simply we don’t work on weekends. and I can get him everything ready in 3 to 5 days. So he then calls my company “Fraudulent” and threatens me with “injuction”. When I read it, my first reaction was shock and next one was huge laugh. Anyways to cut long story short, I was suppose to be small partner on this project, so I guess “Big Mike” found a way to get rid of me. I actually don’t mind that. Only thing I mind was some stranger out of blue me calling me “Liar” and “fraud”

    I have nothing against Person X, I wish luck to that great Marketer.

    My goal for this comment is for the people to stay away from incansoft and Big Mike promoted products. I know he is well known in warrior forum and ppl buy blindly. But again some of those softwares are piece of crap. I actually happen to try socialbot (one of my reputed client send me to try it) and guess what after wasting 2 days, most of social bookmarking sites did not work. I could have manually done eveyrthing in 5-6 hours. Tell me who sells software so cheap and without refund policy. Whole business model is based on get rich quick scheme. I mean get the quick buck on the products (which chris has proved does not the work) and provide “no support”. How can software company survive with lifetime support. This kind of automated software need constant updating as sites change.

    Anyways, great job Chris for this eye opener.

    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks for sharing your story. I’m not surprised by the way you were treated by Big Mike – you’re certainly not the only one. I’m also not surprised you found that SocialBot didn’t work as advertised.

      Thanks for contributing your story. Together we can expose the truth about Incansoft and help others from getting ripped off!

      Chris Elliott

  36. Jeff says:

    How right you are about Incansoft. I have many of their products and they suck! Even when they ‘sort of’ worked under XP, they were flaky at best. We’re not talking about complex software here. A competent programmer would be able to turn out programs like the ‘Bots’ in relatively short order, and surely wouldn’t need months or YEARS to fix bugs!

    As someone pointed out, if the terms are ‘NO REFUNDS,’ I’d run fast and far. If they don’t have enough confidence in their products to have some value, why would you wanna pay for it? I never will again. Also, the only reason I did was because of the great reviews on the Warrior Forum. I wonder how many of those reviewers were truly independent?

    It’s funny that the CS guy actually tried to argue that since you paid very little for the software, everything should be okay even though it won’t function at all – that’s a classic.

    • Hi Jeff,

      I agree that their customer service and whole attitude about selling dysfunctional software is horrid. “No Refunds” certainly does speak volumes to the value of the software as well.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Chris Elliott

  37. Jay Vasdewani says:

    I don’t know how can warrior forum promote such products. There are only few IMers with integrity. I happen to know couple of them. I just hope more and more ppl come to know about incansoft and their faulty softwares

  38. Hi Jay,

    There are many professionals out there, which are credible. Incansoft and Michalis Kotzakolios, however are not one of them.

    Chris Elliott

  39. SamuelJ says:

    Hey Chris,
    thanks for posting this, I have been thinking about making a site dedicated to IM ripoffs and scams for awhile and Icansoft will be on there if I get the time to put it up.

    I brought Llama Spin (and a few others) and it would not work on Xp at all I tried everything their low level support tem suggested, including have you installed the software!!

    After weeks back and forth with screen shots and videos of proof that it wouold not work they wouldn’t refund (which is in their policy, but if you purchase something and it doesn’t work from the get go should be refunded no matter what your policy if you have a half decent product).

    BTW I’m a bit of an SEO nut and had a look around for their name and it is quite obvious that they are doing reputation management with loads of low grade feeder sites and articles to keep this post off he first page of search engines.

    icansoftscam.com is available 😀

    • Hi Samuel,

      I’m sorry to hear about you’re beng the latest Incansoft victim.

      I agree that the Incansoft support is horrible. After dealing with them you just feel sick to your stomach because of the blatant threats and rudeness.

      As for their reputation management, I’ve also noticed that but I’m not all that worried. This post continues to get a ton of visits each month as well as comments that trickle in.

      There are also some non-SEO based things that bring visitors to this blog on a constant basis which they won’t be able to control.

      Thanks for stopping by Samuel!
      Chris Elliott

  40. Ben says:

    Hi Chris,

    I have found your review and I am now thinking about pulling out from Incansoft, You are dea right, no updates, poor products and now I am even scared to sell their softwares to my own customers.
    I have emailed them about it and even asked them to concentrate on fewer softwares and make them work perfectly instead of having a huge collection which do not work at all.
    I am very sad that Incansoft is not changing their marketing strategies, their bad names is now spreading to underground black hat SEO networks which will for sure impact their product.

    One thing which really kills businesses on the net, is when people who sell a product have made a lot of money quietly, but then, the storm comes and spread really fast on the net. I give them another 2 weeks and will cancel my affiliate if they do not update their product.##

    This blog seems to bring quiet a lot of traffic in a small amount of time, which means that many of us are unhappy about their services.

    Thanks and good luck for telling people about it.

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      As you can see by the other comments on this post, you are certainly not the first person to receive software that doesn’t function from Incansoft. While there are issues they have known existed for a long time, which they refuse to remedy, they are releasing new software titles! – very unprofessional.

      As for this blog post, it’s my highest trafficked post on the blog. There are a lot of people searching for terms related to the quality of Incansoft products.

      Chris Elliott

  41. alex says:

    awww shoot,

    i was considering purchasing BlogBot. can anybody recommend an ‘alternative’? i basically want something that i can post posts to my many wordpress blogs with having to manually go into each one. i use to use windows live writer but it will no longer run 100% on my vista.


    • Hi Alex,

      I certainly wouldn’t risk using BlogBot.

      Not sure of an alternative. I believe there are web based services that notify all of your web properties.


  42. Tim says:

    Chris, I’m sorry you’ve had such a tough experience. I know how frustrating it is to buy new software and be excited about the possibilities only to be disappointed. I hope you find some kind of resolution.

    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your condolences with this situation.

      As for resolution, I’m done with this ordeal aside from a potential follow-up post revealing more dirt 😉


  43. Kay says:

    Lisa Gergets a fairly well known marketer has had some problems with Big Mike throwing her off a wordpress project they were doing together and he apparently is now going it alone, hmm I’ve always had a lot of time for Mike, but the things I’m hearing recently are making me feel real uncomfortable

    • Hi Kay,

      That wouldn’t be the first time he’s done this – Mike did the exact same thing to another person who detailed their story here, check the comments.

      Thanks for stopping by Kay!

      Chris Elliott

  44. Bill Brine says:

    Wow, Chris, I sure am glad I ran across your Press Release! I was considering blogbot. As I usually do when considering a purchase, I Googled ‘blogbot review’ and your Press Release was number 4 on Page 1. That of course led me here.

    Sorry to hear about all the problems you’ve had. I sure am going to give anything by this company a wide berth. Thanks for taking the time to share your frustrations with us.

  45. […] Note: I am not the only person who has been treated this way by Mike and his Incansoft staff. Read this. […]

  46. Jay Vasdewani says:

    Hi Chris, you got to read this.

    Big Mike at it again and this time doing it so blatantly.


  47. Lisa Gergets says:

    Thanks for commenting on my site, Chris. Eventually, he WILL get his.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I think Mike is “getting his” as more people come out and expose his actions. What he’s been doing for years behind his keyboard is coming to light.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Chris Elliott

  48. Lisa Gergets says:

    You know, my husband and I did a bit of research on him…he supposedly moved from the US to Greece 10 years ago, but strangely enough, we were unable to find any record of his name (or the three variations of his last name that he uses) on any search – civil, criminal, background…

    Interesting, stuff, eh?

    • Yeah, I haven’t done much digging. Mike did tell me he lived in Houston, TX and attend Rice University in the 80’s at one point. Looks like you’ve been getting good feedback on coming out with your story. Ever since I broke the silence for the community of TO’d customers, it’s made bringing it out a bit easier. Mike’s threats and friends on forums helped him keep this stuff quiet for a long time.


  49. Erik says:

    I wondered why Mike always had Incansoft in his wife’s name. Thought it was odd that when he paid me, it came from his wife’s pp account. I worked on some of the manuals.

  50. anon says:

    hey whats up with incansoft.com

  51. tabib says:

    Wowwww…. I think you can read about another incansoft scandal on http://www.seoblackhat.com/article-bot-scandal.htm

  52. Jaron says:

    Hey Chris,
    Thanks a ton for your post! I was just looking into buying some of their products and it looks like you have saved me some time and money!

    Sorry that your experience has cost you both!

  53. David says:

    Any class action suits planned?

    I like how if you wholesale their products, not only do you have to pay, but if you want to offer refunds in your sales copy, it comes out of your pocket, not theirs. Canceling my account with them immediately. Tired of glithcy products. I can’t promote them anymore, not that I did much of it once I “tried” their products.

    Someone above asked for software that would submit to multiple WP blogs at once. Article Marketing Robot will do that, and that’s a piece of software that works flawlessly and is always updated.

  54. Gail says:

    OMG!! I am so glad I ran across this info – found you from Lisa Gergets site. I use a LOT of software in my business so I’m used to installing and running them with no assistance.

    Naturally, I was pleased to start using Big Mike’s software because it automated so much of my business. Then the problems started. Updates wouldn’t install; software stopped working or was flaky.

    I thought I was fortunate that every support issue was from Big Mike himself, but I was always left feeling like it was my fault – never theirs. But why did it always take a support issue to fix something that shouldn’t need to be fixed in the first place?

    After moving to a new server, his project management software wouldn’t run at all. That was back in January 2011. He’s been “working on it” ever since! But – of course – I had to convert my database of info into a new system because I couldn’t afford to wait on them. And guess what – they have NEVER gotten back to me.

    Eventually I started investigating the other issues I had with the software and it’s ALL crap! When I submitted issues to them they told me they were not responsible for the results; their software was just a tool. What does that mean?

    Wow – I never expected this from “Big Mike” of the WF!

    • Hi Gail,

      Sorry to hear that you’ve been both victim of the defective products, as well as the shoddy support system at Incansoft.

      Thank you for sharing your story!

      Chris Elliott

  55. w nunn says:

    I was looking for rss submission software for a new blog when I found your post.

    Glad I did, I won’t be buying ANYTHING from this turkey.

    Keep up the good work.

  56. Joe says:

    Good on ya Chris. Bought a good few of these bots and not happy with them. Found the instructions a bit confusing and felt they should made videos to help make them work a bit better.

    Contacted them asking about video instructions. Not to great on their responses. I believe that they keep the instructions vague because the softwares aren’t up to it and people will just give up.

    Got here through reading Lisa’s story and feel heart sorry for her.

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for stopping by. Sorry about your dealings with Incansoft, an unfortunate story that’s been shared here far too often. Glad to see you found Lisa’s story, it’s a sad one.

      Welcome to my site, I hope to see you around more often.

      Chris Elliott

  57. Paul says:

    Chris, your article is doing its work; I found this post via Google while trying to find some REAL reviews on SocialBot. Needless to say, this isn`t the first less than glowing commentary on the company I`ve found so I certainly won`t be purchasing anything from them.

    And the folks at Icansoft should take note; it would have been a much smarter strategy to address your issues in a customer focused and non-controversial manner – THIS is costing them business.

    • Hi Paul,

      There’s no doubt that this article is getting the word out there.

      I’ve also seen a lot of bad press about Incansoft without having to do much searching.

      Thanks for stopping by Paul!

      Chris Elliott

  58. John says:

    Hi there,

    I was supposed to purchase the software 5 mins ago. Thank god I got to read your blog first. Anyway do you know any alternatives that will help me automate most of my work? Something like socialbot will do.

  59. ForumBot says:

    Hi Chris,

    I was googling my own product, unfortunately also named ‘Forum Bot’ and found your site. I’ve also experienced the wrath of Icansoft for their video bot.

    I hope that readers don’t confuse my product with theirs. They are completely night and day. They only thing I’d like to add is that I also have a no-refund policy. This is my ‘official’ stance, but I have certainly given refunds on a case by case basis. The only reason I have this policy is that I get roughly 3 scam attempts PER DAY 🙁 I don’t know if its the market Im selling to or not, but the scammers seem to flock to these products.

    To make matters more confusing, my name is Mike too! Maybe thats why sales are soft..

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear that you’ve also had experience the wrath of Incansoft and their products.

      Also, I don’t think anyone confuses you with Incansoft as their site(s) all have a similar design and sales letter format. Pretty big difference between Incansoft sites and yours.

      Your post here also helps clear that up! 🙂

      Thanks Mike,
      Chris Elliott

  60. Terry says:

    Hi Chris, I was just looking for a support site for ICANSOFT when I came upon your blog post. I like you have purchased virtually every piece of software that ICANSOFT has. I have always purchased their software when they offer me discounts “my bad”. I ran into a problem with a big name vendor. I went back and forth for months, I was threatened with law suits. I did not give up and they eventually offered a small refund like about 20% and then 40%, I was threatened with a $140,000.00 lawsuit because I told them that I was going to post to my twitter pages, my sites have a little over 20,000 followers. Finally I was refunded my purchase in full which was approx 5,000.00 but I had to sign a confidentiality clause. Chris did you ever consider contacting the Attorney General of your state? When I told them that I was also going to do that, they backed down very quickly.

    I must say I really found your post interesting because it is something that I have gone through in the past.

    • Hi Terry,

      Sorry to hear about your problem with another vendor. As for contacting the Attorney General, I have considered it, but haven’t done so as of yet.

      Thanks for stopping by Terry!

      Chris Elliott

  61. Dave P says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your review. I was considering purchasing the software, but after reading about your experience I have decided to pass and just keep my money.


  62. Chris;

    Thank you so much for posting this. I purchased PressBot from Icansoft a couple of months ago, and it has NEVER worked correctly. I use a Windows 7 64-bit system. After installing, the software immediately alerted me that there was an upgrade available, which makes little sense but whatever. When I tried to upgrade, the script took me to a dead link. The only way the software would open was to bypass the upgrade and go into the program directly.

    Once opened, the software seems simple. However, it doesn’t work. The software gets confused between profiles and accounts, which can be dangerous if you are submitting on behalf of clients.

    Distributing a release results in more than 50% submission errors that are not fixable.

    Finally, when you try to use the help files or read the online manual, you’re taken to dead links.

    We run a large, busy office here and provide a number of professional services. We use numerous software programs and have significant troubleshooting and basic programming experience. I can tell you without question that PressBot is junk. It doesn’t work.

    Additionally, many of the 29 press release submission sites used by the program are nothing more than low quality PR0 crappy article directories.

    Also, the program claims the ability to provide detailed submission reports. Lies. The submission report shows nothing more than the sites you submitted to and whether there was an error or not. No URLs or publishing status, etc. Basically, it’s a worthless report to anyone but the user so that they can try to resubmit the release again. Of course, if you resubmit, you’ll only get the same errors again and again, so why bother checking or using the useless report feature anyway?

    I haven’t bothered to email support and I don’t intend to. Why? The “press release directories” included with the software (and you can’t add new ones) are so low quality that even if the software actually worked, it would still be practically useless from a results standpoint.

    I’m sorry that you have had such a difficult time with Icansoft. I am a member of the WF as well and I have seen first-hand some of the moderation problems you refer to. Based on my experience and the experience of others like yourself that I have encountered, I’ll be certain to spread the word until Big Mike and his cohorts deliver on their promises.

    -Russ Hudson

    • Hi Russ,

      It’s unfortunate that you’ve gone through the same functionality, or to be more clearly, non-functionality issues that myself and many other users have experienced. I’m sorry to hear this.

      However, I’m glad you ended up here so you could share your story! There are a lot of us with similar results and making our stories well known is essential.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Chris Elliott

  63. do i like mike says:

    hi Chris,

    after reading your post, it make me thinking, thank god i got the pirated version of all is software 🙂

  64. Luvly says:

    Michalis “Big Mike” Kotzakolios is one of the most rude people I have ever dealt with.

    Stay away from Incansoft!

    • Sorry to hear you’ve dealt with Mike’s “support system” too.

      Regardless, here’s to a joyful holiday season and to the hope that Mike will change his ways.

      Chris Elliott

  65. Mike Thomas says:

    It’s funny that you mention the bots not working. I bought RSS bot and Pressbot about a year ago. I always had trouble with getting them to work. I thought it was just me not knowing how to use them, but I guess there really is a problem.

  66. Maria says:

    Thanks Chris Elliott for your honest negative reviews about Incansoft Bots.

    So far, I had only PressBot that I bought for $29.95 a year ago recommended on by the owner of AutoBlogBlueprint and I was unhappy using it. Since I received an email from them for $7.77 Sale on all their Catalogs, I searched Google for reviews about BlogBot, ContentMania, GFX Writer, RSSBot, etc…

    WarriourForum provides good feedback to most of their products with some saying about the problems like you encountered. I was about to hit Paypal button for GFX Writer and BlogBot, thankfully, I read your honest negative opinion.

    I personally believe what you said, thus, my conclusion is to opt-out from their mailing list.

  67. Bill Johns says:

    You have guts, Chris. You’re a hero.

    It’s a shame you got the letters and threats.

    I bought many of their products when I was a mark and rube at the Warrior Forums years ago. They seemed “vested” by the Warriors.

    In the end, I realized why they were $7.99: Windows 7 issues, bad CAPTCHA graphics, poor interface, site submission fails, they seemed really old- like from 1997. They were SLOW. The reports sucked. I read about at least one software sending your information out due to no privacy policy.

    The Graphix one was probably the best, but so limited compared to Gimp (free), for goodness sake.

    SocialBot, which even a legit marketer like Mike Johnson recommended, is totally overrated and collects digital dust on my hard drive. There are free alternatives to RSSBot. How many Press Releases do you think were published successfully using PressBot? LOL..VideoBot? Used once.

    The updates are hard to install and they are very infrequent. In this day and age with every reputable social site changing their interface and security due to spammers, SEO software NEEDS to be updated at least once a month, if not on an as-needed basis- perhaps daily or weekly.

    Even their reseller program is old fashioned and a sign the business is fishy.

    I was on their mailing list for a while, and they degenerated into selling other programs and services via affiliate links.

    Anyway, thanks Chris- I had nagging suspicions and found it real weird so many so-called gurus have vouched for their products. These are the same gurus that say you HAVE to get SENuke because the software is constantly updated due to changes in bookmarking, article, video, and Web 2.0 sites. Yet for some reason they claimed to be using Icanasoft products which become obsolete as soon as you download them!

    Guess they must have been resellers in disguise, like so many other sharks on the internet.

    PEOPLE: set up your own Web 2.0 sites/bookmarks/articles/videos with manual submissions and got the hang of it. Then think about automating and/or hiring freelancers.

    • Hi Bill,

      I’m no hero – I’m just not the kind of person to take being ripped off, lied to, and threatened lying down. If I can show people the truth about Incansoft, and also help them avoid losing their money or being threatened, then my mission has been accomplished.

      And I agree, their software applications are some of the biggest bugged up messes I’ve come across.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story!

      Happy new year Bill!
      Chris Elliott

  68. Bill Johns says:

    Anyone who stands up to intimidation, legal threats, possible website attacks, and identity theft is a hero in my book.

    You took a risk going public with this; most people who just keep it on the down low.

    By the way, I didn’t read all of the comments here, but I just scrolled up and saw your advice which is worth more than any so-called SEO guru:

    “Build the links by hand by writing quality content
    Post relevant comments on blogs with a link back (NOT spam)
    Bookmark your pages on the social bookmarking sites
    Share them on Twitter and Facebook
    Ping RSS directories with each post
    Submit press releases”

    Happy New Year!

  69. Hi Bill,

    I appreciate your compliments, they are certainly nice to hear 🙂

    Big Mike got away with threatening people for years, and having honest reviews exposing the deficiencies of of his products deleted from the Warrior Forum because of his financial relationship with the owner, Allen Says. This silenced nearly anyone who tried to speak up almost instantly. Some tried to speak up against outside of that forum were often sent low-level legal threats to shut them up. That’s when I decided to take it to my blog and the outpouring of people who’ve been treated badly, threatened, ripped off, etc., has been much bigger than I ever imagined through the comments on this blog.

    As for SEO, I’ve found that the organic approach is the best. Not only do the results last long-term, but it’s just honest business.

    Chris Elliott

  70. Larry Bush says:

    Like a lot of people, I’ve bought Incansoft products. Never took the time to try to get them running correctly. Now I have time, I was going to open up a subscription site through Incansoft. I read no bad reviews until yours. Thanks for airing their dirty laundry. I have owned and used computers since 1982. Poor quality and poor customer service usually go hand in hand and also usually don’t last. I won’t be using Incansoft again.

    • Hi Larry,

      Thanks for stopping by. Also, if you do some digging in Google, there are a lot of other people who have bad experiences with Incansoft. This is in addition to all of the people who’ve posted on this thread, of course 😉

      Chris Elliott

  71. Andy says:

    Unbelievable, I was just about to buy PADbot, thanks for saving me a lot of headache.

  72. Mike Kirtley says:

    Hi Chris

    What a great post from you!

    Unfortunately I have purchased a couple of softwares from them, could not get them to work and thought it was me being stupid or not doing something correctly.

    I really love your clear, concise and Professional e-mails to them, outlining everything, leaving them nowhere to go…. except to lie and make excuses or correct the problems and apologise as honest companies would do.

    Well we know which option they chose!!

    Thanks again for informing us and all the very best!

    Mike Kirtley

    • Hi Mike,

      I hear you on the software not working. Pretty frustrating, especially when you receive the “support” they provide when you contact them.

      Thanks for the compliments, I stick to the truth and that’s all that’s needed.

      Chris Elliott

  73. Mike Kirtley says:

    Hi Chris

    You are so right…they would not know “Truth” if it hit them between the eyes!

    It is a shame there is not a body who could look into complaints about these type of companies and srike them off or force the internet provider to block them….or something??

    Anyway they will answer to someone higher!

    God bless

    Mike Kirtley

  74. Thanx for this information Chris,now i know that i dont buy this software:)

  75. Jeff Pearson says:

    So – I’m sat here at my desk putting together an ebook that I want to give away to help people develop an ethical web based business.

    I needed a way to ‘get it out there’ as I don’t have a list and was advised to buy eBookBot @ $29.95.

    I do one Google due diligence check about the product and there at about number four was your press release.

    I’ve been here on your site (and over at Lisas) for the past hour!
    Great work Chris, thanks for sharing this with us all (and for saving me $30 and a lot of potential future grief.)

    But the thing that has really hit me squarely on the jaw?
    The Warrior Forum.
    That’s scarey, as I didnt know the Greek was a mod there.

    Thanks again Chris. Well worth an hour out of my day.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Glad the post could be of help to you.

      As for getting your eBook out there, I’d contact site owners one at a time so that you can pick ones that fit well with your book, or at least find ones you match up that have a automatic submission process.

      As for the Warrior Forum, I hear you. There is an ever-growing pile of information on the dirty tactics over there.


  76. Jeff Pearson says:

    Sorry Chris, I do you a disservice – you are at number two page one for a no quotes search on ebookbot – just below the sales site itself. It must be really gripping the guy to see that where it is – it’s just so natural to click on your link and find out exactly what the firm is up to.
    Out of curiosity I mosied over to his drunken greek site, but it appears to have been stripped out.
    Thanks again.

  77. Nick says:

    Wow! I’m glad I decided to google Incansoft before I made a purchase… I was JUST getting ready to buy a couple products considering the cheap prices, but thought the Incansoft site looked really sketchy.

    Thanks for taking the time to point this out!

  78. James says:

    After reading this post and the other forum post, my jaw nearly touched the floor. Can’t imagine the perpetrator to be the creators of Incansoft. Seriously, Warrior forum are full of garbage and despicable marketers.

    Thanks for pointing that out Chris. We need more people like you in our industry who are not afraid to stand up for what is right even if you are to stand alone. *Full Respect*

    Please continue to update us.

    God Bless.

    • Hi James,

      Glad you liked the post. However, we are far from alone now 😉 I’m still in awe at how many people have come here to vent their dealings with Mike and Incansoft. By far the most active post on this site.

      Thanks for stopping by James!
      Chris Elliott

  79. Steve says:

    Bugger, saw this blog too late! I bought PADBot a couple of days ago. It actually does work ok on my W7 machine but of the 125 sites it submits to about half return invalid URL type errors.
    So I think I’m kind of happy with the software, we’ll wait to see what comes from the submissions – but I wish I’d found this blog earlier 🙁
    All the best to everyone posting and reading this blog!
    Cheers, Steve

    • Hi Steve,

      I have to admit that even after all of this, I’m not surprised half of the submissions are still failing.

      If I was you, I’d check all of the sites that “say” they are successfully submitted, because I’m willing to bet that many of them didn’t post either. That was a common problem with any of the software’s I could actually get to “function.”

      Thanks for the update as well Steve!

      Chris Elliott

  80. Panasonic Guy says:

    I bought many of his useless software and will now unsubscribe from his list… If you’r interested to read more about What Bigmike has done to others… go here :-

    • Hi Panasonic Guy,

      Yes, we know. Lisa’s story is linked in my post.

      Sorry to hear you dealt with Incansoft’s bug ridden software also.

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Chris Elliott

  81. Flouster says:

    As of today they are still flogging crap on the Warrior forum. [I bought from them and the software] does not function at all. Instantly I see that it is totally not going to work. I get an email that says don’t dis our hard work but no resolution. They really do think that $14 bucks is so low that whether it works or not is unimportant. Also, it is clear the the Warrior Forum managers support this tactic.

    • Hi Flouster,

      I edited a small portion of your comment to remove a link to the post where Big Mike and Incansoft are selling their bugged up warez, which is marked in brackets. Sorry to hear you were ripped off like dozens on this thread. The warrior forum is the favorite hang out for Big Mike and the Incansoft crew because of their financial relationship with Allen Says, who owns the forum. Any posts letting others know that the software doesn’t work are quickly deleted by Allen to encourage Big Mike to keep paying Warrior Special Offer fees. I have numerous saved threads where I followed by the hour things that were posted, then deleted that prove this and it’s pretty disgusting to tell you the truth.

      My recommendation…Don’t by anything from Incansoft, Big Mike, or the Warrior Forum.

      Chris Elliott

      • An Observer says:

        Chris, just to follow up on your comment, I doubt that Allen himself is behind deleting any of these posts. Keep in mind that I believe Big Mike is a mod there and probably can either delete posts himself or has a big influence over the other mods there. But I wouldn’t jump to conclusions on Allen himself — I doubt he cares about the $40 fee from Big Mike when he gets probably dozens of those every day (if not way more).

        • Hi “An Observer,”

          Allen certainly is behind the deleted posts, even if he isn’t the on one actually deleting them. I personally brought to Allen’s attention the situation of posts being deleted in reference to Big Mike and his software, as well as the fact that Big Mike’s posts were not deleted regarding the same situation. His decision was to allow that to continue. No conclusion was “jumped to.” Rather, the facts brought us here.

          Chris Elliott

  82. Justin says:

    Thanks for posting all these experience.
    Save us heaps of trouble.
    I do feed up with the WarriorForum craps lately. It seems there are many unethical business practice hiding in those WSOs.
    I hope there’s a place that we can read some “Real user feedbacks” allow us to be informed and made better purchase decision.

  83. Rob says:

    Hey Chris…
    lol..glad i found your post. 😛
    I bought about 10 from him as well, BEFORE i had Win764bit
    and honestly..haven’t even installed them till today when i was thinking about installing them again, but my email downloads dont work,then…decided to type in Google: “..what happened to incansoft big mike..” WOW…the whole page filled with stories :-/.
    Struth…he seemed so nice in the forum back in 2009 when i bought the stuff but that’s the thing with software…if the person selling is the developer and has good moral ethics you can expect them to be around along time with good customer base and support, as they’re the developer.
    I actually didn’t know he wasn’t the developer,..hmmm.
    SO..thanks for the insight.
    Any updates on what happened as you’ve not posted for a fair while??

  84. mike says:

    What about your 3 kids in America your worthless POS! maybe one day when you get balls and come see your oldest son he will have a nice 45 to show you. Hope Geece is fun. Maybe people who want to purchase this book come talk to me first. His wanted in 3 counties and needs maybe a real Marine to put him a hurt locker or better a Army Vet like me.FYI Mike Sharp in America which is your real name because you ran from child support why don’t you come and find me. JA

    • T says:

      Along with mike, above, i am one of the kids that “big mike” has left in america to pursue fraudulent actions in greece. thanks so much dad! oh did i mention you left over 300,000 dollars of child support behind too f*****!

    • Wow, I’m sorry to hear this, although not shocked. Really sad. I don’t support violence though, even though I know you’re mad.

      Hopefully the law catches up to him one day.

      Chris Elliott

  85. Jeff says:

    Hey Chris,

    I know that I am a bit late to the party, but I was looking up Incansoft and found this page in the search results. I bought a bunch of their software back in 2010, mostly based on “reputation”, but it never really worked all that well. On a whim I decided to check to see if there were any updates since then that might make them work better, and I found this.

    I read this article, along with Lisa and Jay’s experiences. OMG! What a scumbag that Mike guy is.

    I have had my share of trying to deal with support people that talk around the problem but don’t address the actual issues. By the time you got frustrated, that frustration was well deserved. Their responses were completely unprofessional. The amount you paid for each piece was irrelevant, and him bringing it up said a lot about their business practice. Sell it cheap and people won’t expect much. Lifetime updates are meaningless if they have no intention of actually doing updates.

    I’m glad that you finally got some resolution out of it.


  86. Trish says:

    Hey Chris,

    Thank YOU for having shared this post. Just received an odd email where a Diego Hernando, who actually took the time to address me by name (imagine that, right!) and he offered me some great software to download and use. HAH!

    Thankfully, I got smart and Googled his company name “Incansoft circa 2008” was his reference. That’s how I come to find your post on Google page ONE… so PLEASE, DO keep this post for years to come.

    I’m sure this post will help many more users who research BEFORE jumping at weird freebie offers sent to them by email.

    Thanks heaps,

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